commercial dry ice maker shipped to Russia

Dry ice production machine

Good news! Our customer from Russia chose Shuliy dry ice block maker last month. The customer will use the commercial dry ice maker to produce dry ice blocks and then sell them to the local market. We are very happy to cooperate with the customer. Why did the customer buy Shuliy dry ice block machine? … Read more

where to buy dry ice making machine?

Dry ice block making machine

There are many types of dry ice making machine and manufacturers in the market, choosing and purchasing a dry ice production machine can be a hard task, many investors feel confused: Where to buy dry ice making machine? However, with the help of the Internet, it can become much easier. For example, browsing YouTube and … Read more

How to obtain dry ice blasting pellets?

Dry ice pellets

To obtain dry ice blasting pellets for a dry ice blasting machine, there are some methods we can suggest. Find dry ice blasting pellets supplier Find a dry ice supplier: You can search online for dry ice suppliers in your area. Make sure to choose a reputable supplier that offers high-quality dry ice pellets. Place … Read more

How to choose a suitable Dry ice manufacturing equipment?

Dry ice machine

Dry ice manufacturing equipment is a piece of essential equipment for industries that require a continuous supply of dry ice for their operations. Choosing and purchasing the right machine is crucial to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a dry ice production machine: Dry ice manufacturing equipment model … Read more

How to maintain a Dry ice manufacturing machine?

Dry ice manufacturing1

A dry ice manufacturing machine is an essential type of refrigeration equipment that is commonly used in the food and beverage industry, medical and pharmaceutical industries, laboratory experiments, and even for stage performances. They work by utilizing liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to create dry ice, which is then used to maintain low temperatures for various … Read more

Advantages and feature of dry ice storage chest

Dry ice storage chest

A dry ice storage chest is a necessary piece of equipment used for storing dry ice. Dry ice can maintain a solid state at low temperatures, making it an essential substance in many industries, such as food and medical fields. In this article, we will explore the related information about dry ice storage chests and … Read more

Why is it better to preserve food with dry ice?

Dry ice preserviation

Dry ice is a new type of preservative that is catching fire in the food industry. For example, the preservation of airline food and the preservation of seafood such as lobster and crab in hotels. So why is it better to preserve food with dry ice than with ice cubes? On the one hand, dry … Read more

What is the effect of dry ice machine for wedding?

Dry ice machine for wedding is widely used, in wedding, more and more people like to use dry ice machine to create smoke. In the wedding, the moment of dry ice sublimation generated by the white fog overflowing the entire stage will be shaped like a wonderland of wonderful effects, this is the stage dry … Read more

What to pay attention to when using a dry ice blaster?

Dry ice blasting machine

With the development of the industrial era, traditional industrial cleaning is difficult to meet the needs of all walks of life, and dry ice blaster can be said to be more equipment in various cleaning areas, its cleaning efficiency is very high. Today, as a manufacturer of dry ice cleaning machine, Shuliy Machinery shares some … Read more

How much does dry ice blasting cost?

Dry ice pellets

Dry ice cleaning technology is a new decontamination technology, and the raw material is solid carbon dioxide. A key issue of whether dry ice cleaning can replace traditional cleaning is the cost issue, which is bound to be related to the consumption of raw materials, the price of dry ice cleaning machines and other cost … Read more

How to solve the dry ice safety concerns?

Dry ice

Because dry ice can be used to keep food fresh, dry ice has been very popular in the food industry in recent years. However, there have always been cases of dry ice hurting people in recent years, which has made many businesses and consumers worry about the safety of dry ice. The accident caused by … Read more

shuliy tells you how to distinguish the quality of dry ice for sale

Dry ice for sale

In recent years, due to the many advantages of dry ice cleaning, the wide cleaning field, and the good refrigeration and preservation effect, dry ice machines are very popular among market users. So do you know how to judge the quality of dry ice for sale? The staff of Shuliy machinery will tell you today … Read more

Dry Ice Cleaning method in silicone mold Manufacturing

Silicone tableware

It’s hard to associate dry ice cleaning with silicone supplies, isn’t it? But now with the rising variety and number of silicone supplies, the molds used to make them also need to be cleaned regularly so that the quality of the product can be assured. And dry ice cleaning method is perfect for that. Application … Read more

How do you keep dry ice from melting?

The application of dry ice is very wide, it can be used as decoration of dishes in restaurant industry, making smoke with dry ice in hotel and creating stage effect. Also, dry ice can be used to freeze food for easy storage and transportation. However, dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide and is highly … Read more

Common FAQs of Dry ice cleaning you should know

Dry ice cleaning machines in our factory

Dry ice cleaning is a widely used cleaning method. It can be used for power equipment cleaning, industrial boiler cleaning, automotive parts cleaning, and electronic product cleaning. It will not damage the parts during the cleaning process, and Cleans well. This article introduces you to some frequently asked questions about dry ice blasting. What happens … Read more

Application of Dry ice cleaning machine For food processing machinery

Dry ice cleaning machine in food industrys

In recent years, dry ice cleaning has become an indispensable part of the cleaning industry. The emergence of dry ice cleaning has solved the trouble of dirt for many manufacturers. In addition to cleaning various industrial equipment and industrial molds, dry ice cleaning can also clean food molds, and food machines. What food machinery can … Read more

What Factors will influence the dry ice cleaning machine price?

Dry ice cleaning machine price

Nowadays, the dry ice cleaning machine is one of the necessary equipment for industrial cleaning. This cleaning machine can quickly and thoroughly remove the dirt from the surface of the object, so as to achieve a fast, efficient, safe and energy-saving cleaning effect. The dry ice cleaning method has developed rapidly around the world. There … Read more

What is the dry ice machine price?

Dry ice machine price

The widespread application of dry ice has promoted the application of dry ice machines. Therefore, dry ice machines are widely welcomed. So what about the dry ice machine price?

Dry ice pellets vs blocks

Dry ice pellets vs blocks

Dry ice has a wide range of uses. Do you know the two states of dry ice:dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes? What are the similarities and differences between them?

Green and environmentally friendly cleaning method–dry ice cleaning

What is dry ice cleaning? There are many cleaning methods, such as physical cleaning, chemical cleaning, etc., which are commonly used by people, but they are not suitable for confidential instruments. This is because if confidential instruments are cleaned in these ways, new cleaning waste will be formed, which will increase the work intensity for … Read more

shuliy Machinery dry ice blasting machine has many Advantages

In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial technology, traditional cleaning methods cannot quickly solve cleaning problems, and Shuliy dry ice blasting machies are new cutting-edge cleaning equipment born under the rapid development of traditional cleaning, and can be used in automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, etc. The use efficiency of the machine is high, … Read more

Shuliy machinery Teach you how to store dry ice

After the dry ice made by the dry ice block making machne, dry ice should be placed in a dry ice heat preservation box during storage. To store dry ice, you need to use a special storage box, but there is still loss. A good storage box can reduce the loss to 6‰. But the … Read more

Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Shipped to Saudi Arabia for Car Washing Center

Dry ice cleaning machine are increasingly used in all aspects of social life, so many investors and distributors have begun to purchase commercial dry ice blasters. The dry ice machine developed and manufactured by our factory has been well received by the market, so we often accept various international orders. Recently, we exported a small dry ice cleaning machine and dry ice incubator to a car washing center in Saudi Arabia.

What to pay attention to when transporting with dry ice?

Dry ice is solidified CO2, its melting point is -78.5 ℃, and the surrounding temperature will be reduced to about 20 ℃ when it is volatilized. Therefore, it is easy to sublimate in daily storage, which causes dry ice to become smaller and cause losses. Therefore, a special dry ice storage box must be used for dry … Read more

The relationship between sample transport and dry ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which is easy to volatilize at normal temperatures, so storage and transportation of dry ice are very important. There is a strong connection between sample transport and dry ice. Sample transportation is an important part to ensure sample quality. When using dry ice transportation, different shapes of dry ice are … Read more

How is the dry ice cleaning machine applied to the PET mold industry?

High-quality products are inseparable from regular mold cleaning and maintenance. Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine can quickly and deeply clean all kinds of molds and equipment without using chemical solvents at all and without causing secondary pollution. So, how is dry ice blasting applied to the PET mold industry? Why is the dry ice cleaning so popular now? Dry … Read more

100KG/H Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine Was Shipped to America

With the great development of science and technology of the manufacturing industry of China, more and more high-quality machines were shipped to many oversea countries. We Shuliy machinery as the leading manufacturer of dry ice processing machines, has supported hundreds of dry ice machines for many countries in recent years. Last week, we shipped one set … Read more

5 Special Uses for Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice granules with different specifications have different uses. In addition to dry ice cleaning in the manufacturing industry and cold chain transportation of the food processing fields, dry ice pellets still have many other special uses. Here, Shuliy dry ice machinery will share interesting and practical dry ice knowledge for you.

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