Dry Ice Block Making Machine for Sale

Our dry ice block making machine will produce high-quality dry ice block. You will find wide applications of the dry ice block machine, discover Shuliy’s different models of equipment.From us, you will get the best cost, and understand the process of creating dry ice blocks. Get in touch with us now for price and more.

Application of Dry Ice Block Making Machine

A dry ice block making machine for sale is a versatile and innovative tool that plays a significant role in various industries. This machine is designed to produce solid blocks of dry ice, a form of solid carbon dioxide. These dry ice blocks find wide-ranging applications, including cold chain transportation, food preservation, medical and healthcare, cleaning and blasting, entertainment and special effects.

Shuliy Dry Ice Block Machine

The Shuliy dry ice block machine for sale offers an innovative solution for producing solid dry ice blocks, catering to various industrial needs. With models ranging from SL-100-1 to SL-500-2, this machine can accommodate different production capacities, ranging from 120 kg/h to 1000 kg/h. The diverse model options allow users to select the ideal machine based on their specific requirements.

Dry ice block making machine for sale
Dry Ice Block Making Machine For Sale

One of the prominent effects of the Shuliy dry ice block machine is its ability to produce high-quality, dense dry ice blocks with minimal sublimation. These dry ice blocks are crucial for maintaining a stable temperature during transportation and storage of perishable goods. Additionally, the machine’s reliable performance ensures a consistent supply of dry ice blocks, catering to industries such as food preservation, cold chain logistics, medical applications, and more.

What Is the Cost of a Dry Ice Block Making Machine?

Generally, the cost range for these machines can span from $850 for smaller-scale models to $4,500 for larger-capacity and more advanced units.For the specific price, it will depend on the model, capacity, or other factors. Besides, we will provide the best price directly. Sometimes, you will catch up with the discounts. Contact us now for it.

How to Make Dry Ice Blocks?

Creating dry ice blocks involves a specialized process facilitated by dry ice block making machines. These machines are available for sale and play a crucial role in producing solid blocks of dry ice with precision and efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:

1. Capturing Carbon Dioxide:

The first step in making dry ice blocks is capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. This is usually done as a byproduct of industrial processes or by extracting CO2 from the air.

2. Pressurization and Cooling:

The captured carbon dioxide is then pressurized and cooled to transform it into a liquid state. This liquid CO2 is stored in holding tanks.

3. Temperature Reduction:

To create dry ice blocks, the liquid carbon dioxide is further cooled and depressurized. This is achieved by pumping liquid carbon dioxide into holding tanks, which reduces the temperature to -109° F and pressurizes the substance into solid blocks or pellets.

4. Formation of Dry Ice Blocks:

The supercooled liquid carbon dioxide is released into a chamber with reduced pressure. As a result of this rapid pressure drop, the liquid carbon dioxide undergoes a process called sublimation. It transforms directly from a liquid state into solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), skipping the liquid phase. The solid carbon dioxide is then compressed into block or pellet form using dry ice block making machines.

5. Packaging and Distribution:

Once the dry ice blocks are formed, they are packaged and distributed for various applications. From preserving goods during transportation to creating special effects, dry ice blocks offer versatile uses across industries.