Dry ice blasting machine | Dry Ice cleaning equipment

With the development of modern dry ice cleaning technology and the continuous promotion of cleaning technology industrialization, the dry ice blasting machine has been widely used in various production and processing fields with its unique working principle and excellent working performance, which has greatly improved productivity and working efficiency and become an engine-removing method used by many enterprises.

This dry ice cleaning technology has quickly become a special industry and penetrated into the industrial field of all walks of life and people’s daily life. Now dry ice cleaning technology continues to develop, a series of dry ice cleaning equipment is also in constant development and innovation, which greatly improve the industrial cleaning technology in the field.

What is dry ice cleaning equipment?

Dry ice blasting machine also named dry ice cleaning equipment, which is the most important equipment in the dry ice cleaning field. The raw materials for cleaning by this machine are mainly the dry ice particles which are always made by the dry ice granular machine. Therefore, the whole dry ice cleaning system usually can be divided into two parts: dry ice pellets making machine and a dry ice cleaning equipment.

Dry ice pellets1
dry ice pellets for cleaning

The role of the dry ice granular machine is to make liquid carbon dioxide into a certain specification of dry ice particles or dry ice cubes. Dry ice blasting and cleaning machine adopts the special configuration of the air compressor to make the compressed air. Put the dry ice particles or dry ice blocks into the dry ice blasting machine, under the driving of compressed air, high-density dry ice particles or fine dry ice powder will be sprayed with compressed air to the surface of the object to be cleaned, so as to play a role in cleaning.

The working principle of the dry ice blasting machine

Dry ice cleaning machine works by using compressed air as the power to accelerate the extremely low temperature (78 °C below zero) and high-density dry ice particles nearly the sound speed and spray them to the cleaning on the surface of objects. The dirt on the surface of the object will sudden drop in temperature and lead to its surface embrittlement and burst.

At the same time, extremely fine dry ice particles will rapidly sublimate into gas after drilling into the dirt cracks, which will instantly expand the volume of dirt debris by 800 times and take the dirt away from the object’s surface.


Main features of the dry ice cleaning machine

  1. The main accessories like air hose, ice blast hose, and spray gun are made of wear-resistant materials so that it has a long service life and good working efficiency.
  2. The dry ice blasting machine has wide applications, it can be used in steel, metal and machine manufacturing, printing plants, wood and electrical industry, plastics and packaging industry, automobile industry, foundry, and injection molding plant, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, paper industry and local authorities and municipal administration.
  3. In the dry ice cleaning process, the dry ice is eventually sublimated into gas, so there is no pollution to the object being cleaned.
  4. Dry ice cleaning is non – destructive decontamination, and will not cause damage to machines and molds. The dry ice cleaning machine has high working efficiency, safe and reliable.

Cleaning effect of dry ice cleaning machine

Technical parameters of dry ice cleaning equipment

Motor power (kW)0.550.750.37
Air supply pressure range(Mpa)0.4-1.00.4-1.00.4-1.0
Air consumption(m³/min)2-43-62-4
Dry ice size(mm)Φ1-Φ3Φ1-Φ4MAX150×   150×300
Dry ice consumption(kg/min)0.1-2.50.1-3.50-0.6
Hopper capacity(L)18288
Air hose length(m)999
Connector screw thread(”)3/4”1”3/4”
Ice blaster hose length(m)776
Overall dimension(cm)55×40×10058×46×11070×40×50

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Working Video

The video shows the various applications of dry ice cleaning machines, including washing car tires, food processing machinery, mold manufacturing industry, and so on. Youu can watch the perfect effect after the cleaning method.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Working Video

Dry ice cleaning equipment SL-550

As the medium model of dry ice cleaning machine, its motor power is 0.55kw and its air consumption is 2-4 m³/min. The diameter of the dry ice particles made by this model ranges from 1mm to 3mm. Its outside dimension and weight are relatively small so it is the common type that most of our customers choose. And its hopper capacity is 18L which is the big difference between itself and the SL-750.

Dry ice blaster SL-750

Model SL-750 is the biggest type of dry ice blaster, which needs a larger motor power with 0.75kw and larger air consumption with 3-6 m³/min. Its dry ice particles’ diameter is 1-4mm. This model has larger dry ice consumption, hopper capacity, overall dimension, and weight so this model has a higher working capacity and it can work continuously for large areas of cleaning work, especially for all kinds of assembly lines of the factory production workshop.


Dry ice cleaning machine SL-XH3

Compared with the above two models of dry ice blasting machine, this model SL-XH3 is a tiny one because it is mainly used for cleaning precise and precious objects. And its raw materials are not the dry ice particles but the dry ice blocks which have a size under 150×150×300mm. And its hopper capacity and dry ice consumption are the least. When it works, its inner cutter will cut the dry ice blocks into small pieces and blast these dry ice pieces out for cleaning. This model SL-XH3 always can be set in the bracket with wheels for easy moving.

Common FAQs Of Dry Ice Cleaning You Should Know

When it comes to dry ice cleaning machines, there is some common knowledge, staff in Shuliy machinery has concluded several FAQs for our customers. For example, do you know whether a dry ice cleaning machine be used indoors or not? Actually, a dry ice blaster is a safe cleaning method that can be performed indoors. Dry ice pellets are a non-toxic, non-corrosive material that sublimates into the harmless gas carbon dioxide, which is released into the air without leaving any traces of debris.

Dry Ice Cleaning equipment Shipped To Saudi Arabia

Dry ice cleaning machines are increasingly used in all aspects of social life, so many investors and distributors have begun to purchase commercial dry ice blasters. The dry ice machine developed and manufactured by our factory has been well received by the market, so we often accept various international orders. Recently, we exported a small dry ice cleaning machine and dry ice incubator to a car washing center in Saudi Arabia.

Advantages of the dry ice blaster

Using dry ice can have a lot of advantages, such as saving costs, because carbon dioxide is a component of the atmosphere, it is very convenient to use, and the price is cheap. And the use efficiency of the machine is high, the cleaning speed is fast, and the cleaning cost is reduced.

Dry ice cleaning equipment
Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

Applications Of Dry Ice Blasting Machine In The Medical Industry

In recent years, dry ice cleaning technology has been applied to many fields. Due to its safety, high efficiency, strong cleaning power, and no pollution, dry ice blasting machines are more and more prominent in the medical industry. Let us see how dry ice blasting machine is applied to the medical industry.

Applying Dry Ice Blaster Machine In Mold Manufacturing

As an emerging technology, dry ice cleaning has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, no damage, no pollution, and environmental protection compared with traditional industrial cleaning processes. Especially in the mold manufacturing industry, the dry ice blaster machine has unique cleaning advantages.

Dry Ice cleaning Machine In The Automotive Beauty Industry

The application of dry ice blasting should completely subvert the thinking mode of the automotive beauty industry. Originally, car cleaning can also use high-tech cleaning methods. Therefore, for professional dry ice machine manufacturers, the use of dry ice cleaning in the automotive beauty industry will be a huge opportunity.

Application Of Dry Ice Cleaning Machine For Food Processing Machinery

Dry ice blaster is available in food processing machinery too. Dry ice blasting machines can effectively clean grease, food residues, etc. on ovens, grills, baking pans, etc. It can also clean mixing equipment, molds, packaging equipment, various containers, refrigerator walls, vegetable slicers, meat slicers, etc.


Dry Ice Cleaning Method In Silicone Mold Manufacturing

The price of high-quality food-grade silicone products is relatively high, and the requirements for molds and materials are high. Therefore, food-grade silicone molds have high requirements for cleaning methods, and cannot be cleaned with unsafe pollution methods such as chemical reagents. Dry ice cleaning is very suitable for silicone mold manufacturing cleaning.