Dry ice blasting machine in the automotive beauty industry

Along with the great development of the global industrial, dry ice blasting technology is becoming more and more mature, which has been applied in almost all the fields. Why dry ice blasting machine has such a wide application in cleaning? It is mainly decided by the outstanding features of the dry ice blaster with its fast cleaning speed and good cleaning effects.

Dry ice blasting machine applications

Dry ice machine making
dry ice machine making

Dry ice blasting machine is very practical for cleaning all kinds of objects surfaces, such as the molds, car engine system, tires, and other aspects. It is very useful for removing the paints, rusts, greases and thick dusts or the objects. The cleaning system of the dry ice blaster sprays the dry ice particles to the working surface to be cleaned by high pressure air, and utilizes the physical reflection of the temperature difference to cause different substances to detach at different shrinkage speeds.

Dry ice blasting for car beauty

Accessories of the dry ice blasting machine
accessories of the dry ice blasting machine

The application of dry ice blasting should completely subvert the thinking mode of the automotive beauty industry. Originally, car cleaning can also use high-tech cleaning methods. Therefore, for professional dry ice machine manufacturers, the use of dry ice cleaning in the automotive beauty industry will be a huge opportunity.

In the 1990s, we only saw a brief introduction to dry ice blasting technology in some professional books and magazines such as cleaning and casting. Dry ice blaster can be applied in many ways: internal grease and dirt removal in electronics and automation equipment; integrated circuit boards, solder stacks, contaminated coatings, resins, solvent coatings, protective layers, and photoresist on printed circuit boards removal of corrosive agents, etc.


Advantages of dry ice blasting machine for cleaning in car industry

The automotive beauty industry can also benefit enormously from dry ice cleaning. In the automotive industry, dry ice blasting does not produce water stains when cleaning the door skin, roof, car, and vehicle floor, nor does it cause water pollution; in addition, dry ice blaster can clean the car engine and the surface of the car to remove paint, which can remove car engine carbon deposits, too. The dry ice blasting machine can completely solve the carbon deposit problem within 10 minutes, saving time and reducing costs, and the descaling rate reaches 100%.