Complete set of dry ice granule briquetting machines

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The complete set of dry ice granule briquetting machines mainly include the dry ice granular machine, dry ice granule briquetting machine, and other supporting devices, which are mainly to turn the liquid CO₂ into dry ice blocks in large scale. This complete set of dry ice processing machine is a small dry ice production line and it … Read more

Dry ice granule briquetting machine

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The dry ice products now have wide applications in many fields, which can be used for freezing and keeping the freshness of the food. Besides, using dry ice for assisting artificial rainfall and making stage smoke is also very common. With the great demand of the dry ice in the market and the big improvements … Read more

Dry ice heat preservation box

With the wide application of dry ice, especially the development of dry ice cleaning industry, the preservation, and transportation of dry ice particles and dry ice blocks have been greatly developed. Our Shuliy machinery can not only produce the high-quality dry ice briquette machine, dry ice granular machine, and dry ice blasting and cleaning machine, … Read more

Dry ice blasting machine | Dry Ice cleaning equipment

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With the development of modern dry ice cleaning technology and the continuous promotion of cleaning technology industrialization, the dry ice blasting machine has been widely used in various production and processing fields with its unique working principle and excellent working performance, which has greatly improved productivity and working efficiency and become an engine-removing method used … Read more

Dry ice Pelletizer | Dry Ice Pellet maker

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The dry ice pelletizer also can be named dry ice pellet machine, which is a piece of solid CO2 processing equipment to make dry ice pellets, which is an important machine to provide raw materials for the dry ice cleaning industry. The dry ice pellet maker is mainly to compress the liquid carbon dioxide through the pressure of the oil hydraulic press into a very high density of solid dry ice pellets, and then through the machine outlet of the sieving die extrusion.

Dry ice block machine | Dry ice production machine

Dry ice block machine

With the fast development of science and technology, dry ice has been the new clean resource applied to many aspects of our life and production. Dry ice (solidified carbon dioxide) now can be processed in different shapes and sizes by a series of dry ice processing machines, for example, a dry ice block machine. As … Read more