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The Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine also can be named dry ice pellet maker, dry ice machine and so on, which is a piece of solid CO2 processing equipment for making dry ice pellets. The dry ice pellet maker has mainly compressed the liquid carbon dioxide through high pressure into a very high density of solid dry ice pellets, and the dry ice pellets’ diameters can be adjusted by changing with different extrusion dies.

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Shuliy Dry Ice Machinery

Working principle of the dry ice pellet machine

The structure of the dry ice pelletizer includes the inlet, outlet, compression box, hydraulic system, feed pipe, solenoid valve, motor, exhaust pipe, extrusion die, electric cabinet with PLC control screen, etc. The raw material for making dry ice pellets by this dry ice pellet maker is mainly liquid carbon dioxide. According to different working capacities, we can design this dry ice pellet maker with more than one outlet head for the large-scale production of dry ice pellets.

Dry ice pellet machine for making pellets of 3mm & 6mm

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Guidance from the technician for operating dry ice granular machine
Guidance from the technician for operating dry ice pelletizer
Dry ice granule mold
3Mm Dry Ice Pellets Pressing Machine

When we inject the liquid carbon dioxide into this dry ice pelletizer machine inlet, the oil hydraulic press will press the liquid CO2 quickly and extrude them with a certain shape. The dry ice pellet machine has high working efficiency in making dry ice pellets, which can be designed with many types and models. And the dry ice pellet s’ diameter ranges from 3mm to 19mm. The output of this machine ranges from 50kg/h to 1000kg/h.  

Dry ice granule mold
Commercial Dry Ice Pellets Making Machine

Main features of the dry ice pelletizer

  1. The solid dry ice pellets produced by the dry ice pelletizer can be widely used for dry ice blasting, besides, these high-quality dry ice pellets can also be used to keep fresh and refrigerate food and medicines.
  2. With the great advantages of easy to operate and maintain, high working efficiency, high density of finished dry ice pellets, this automatic dry ice pelletizer is easy to preserve and transport.
  3. The diameter of the dry ice particles is adjustable by changing the extruding dies, and we can also customize the extrusion molds for you.
  4. As the professional dry ice pellet maker manufacture, Shuliy machinery can also provide you with other dry ice processing equipment with high quality and good price.
Dry ice granule
3Mm Dry Ice Pellets
Dry ice granule
16Mm Dry Ice Granules

dry ice pelletizer Technical parameters

Motor power(kw)3.75.51115
Dry ice particles diameter(mm)Φ3-Φ16Φ3-Φ16Φ3-Φ19Φ3-Φ19
Output(kg/h) min max50 60100 120180 200270 300
The density of the dry ice particles(t/m³)≥1.50≥1.50≥1.50≥1.50
CO₂ transformation rate≥38%≥38%≥42%≥42%
Liquid inlet pressure(Mpa)≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1
Liquid inlet diameter(mm)DN10DN10DN20DN20
Exhaust pipe diameter(mm)DN 50DN50DN70DN70
Fuel tankage(L)90200280280
Overall dimension(cm)160×80×130160×140×170270×110×180270×150×180
Motor power(kw)1518.53737
Dry ice particles diameter(mm)Φ3-Φ19Φ3-Φ19Φ3-Φ19Φ3-Φ19
Output(kg/h)Min  Max360 400450 540900 1080≥1000
Density of the dry ice particles(t/m³)≥1.50≥1.50≥1.50≥1.50
CO₂ transformation rate≥42%≥42%≥42%45%
Liquid inlet pressure(Mpa)≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1
Liquid inlet diameter(mm)DN20DN202-DN20DN25
Exhaust pipe diameter(mm)2-DN702-DN704-DN702×DN70
Fuel tankage(L)280300600500
Overall dimension(cm)175×140×175215×140×175215×270×175260×180×195

Dry Ice pelletizer working video

Dry Ice Granular Machine Working Video

  • Dry ice pelletizer SL-50-1

This model SL-50-1 of dry ice pellet machine is a well-designed type, which mainly to turn the liquid CO₂ into the dry ice pellets or cylindrical shape. The diameter of the final dry ice granules ranges from 3mm to 16mm. This model is the smallest one for making dry ice pellets because it’s motor power(3.7kw) is small and its output is accordingly small. Its yield ranges from 50kg/h to 60kg/h.

  • Dry ice pelletizer SL-100-1

SL-100-1 model of dry ice pelletizer is slightly bigger than the SL-50-1 in the overall dimension and weight. And it’s motor power is about 5.5kw so that it’s working capacity is big. Its yield ranges from 100kg/h to 120kg/h, which almost equals to the double output of the model SL-50-1 per hour.

  • Dry ice pellet machine SL-200-1

This model of dry ice pellet machine is a little different from the former two models in the outer shape. We can see that its hydraulic cylinder is outside its shell so that it is more convenient to maintain and repair. The diameter of the dry ice pellets from this machine ranges from 3mm to 19mm, and the diameter of the dry ice granules can be adjusted by changing with different molds. The yield of the model SL-200-1 ranges from 180kg/h to 200kg/h.

  • Dry ice pelletizer SL-300-1

The SL-300-1 model of the dry ice pelletizer machine is similar to the SL-200-1 in structure and outer shape. The biggest difference between these two models is that the latter has a bigger yield which can reach 300kg/h. Besides, its motor power is 15kw which is also bigger than the SL-200-1 model. Same as the SL-200-1 model, this model of dry ice pellet machine also has one outlet, and the diameter of the final dry ice pellets ranges from 3mm to 19mm.

  • Dry ice pelletizer SL-200-2

This model of SL-200-2 has two dry ice particles discharging outlets and it’s motor power is 15kw so that this model has a larger working capacity which is twice as much as the model SL-200-1. Its yield ranges from 360kg/h to 400kg/h. The diameter of the final dry ice granules also ranges from 3mm to 19mm, and we can also make dry ice pellets with different diameters by changing the molds.  

  • Dry ice pellets maker SL-300-2

The dry ice pelletizer of model SL-300-2 also has two discharging outlets in structure. This model has an hourly yield between 450kg and 540kg, which is twice as much as the SL-300-1 model can produce per hour. It needs motor power with 18.5kw. The final dry ice pellets are mainly used for making dry ice blocks and dry ice cleaning.

  • Dry ice pelletizer SL-300-4

In pursuit of greater production of dry ice pellets, you can choose the following two models of dry ice pellets maker. The model SL-300-4 needs the motor power of 37kw and it has 4 discharging outlets. The diameter of its dry ice granules also ranges from 3mm to 19mm. Its yield ranges from 900kg/h to 1080kg/h, which is 4 times as much as the SL-300-1 model or double of the model SL-300-2 can make per hour.

  • Dry Ice Pelletizer SL-600-2S

Same as the model SL-300-4, this model of dry ice pelletizer also has a large output, and its yield can reach more than 1000kg/h. Its motor power is also 37kw and it also has 4 dry ice granules discharging outlets. When the dry ice pellets are made, they can be further processed into dry ice blocks or used for dry ice cleaning, or they can also be preserved in the dry ice heat preservation box.

100KG/H Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine Was Shipped To America

With the great development of science and technology of the manufacturing industry of China, more and more high-quality machines were shipped to many overseas countries. We Shuliy machinery as the leading manufacturer of dry ice processing machines has supported hundreds of dry ice machines for many countries in recent years. Last week, we shipped one set of dry ice pelletizer machines with a capacity of 100kg/h to America.

5 Special Uses For Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice granules with different specifications have different uses. In addition to dry ice cleaning in the manufacturing industry and cold chain transportation of the food processing fields, dry ice pellets still have many other special uses. Here, Shuliy dry ice machinery will share interesting and practical dry ice knowledge for you.

Green And Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Method with Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice cleaning is considered the most environmentally friendly cleaning method. The medium of dry ice cleaning is dry ice, which is solid carbon dioxide, which originates from nature, and finally volatilizes into carbon dioxide gas and returns to nature. Dry ice cleaning is green and environmentally friendly, with zero pollution and zero discharge.

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