Green and environmentally friendly cleaning method–dry ice cleaning

What is dry ice cleaning?

There are many cleaning methods, such as physical cleaning, chemical cleaning, etc., which are commonly used by people, but they are not suitable for confidential instruments. This is because if confidential instruments are cleaned in these ways, new cleaning waste will be formed, which will increase the work intensity for the subsequent cleaning.

The medium required for dry ice cleaning is small particles of about 3mm made by a dry ice pelletizer. Using the method of squeezing the air, the dry ice is sprayed onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by a dry ice blasting machine, such as cars and tires. In this process, it will not produce any moisture or other stains, because the solid dry ice has been sublimated into CO2 during this time.

Advantages of the dry ice cleaning

  1. The dry ice cleaning will not produce any moisture during the production process, which can ensure the integrity of the machine and other confidential equipment.
  2. It is non-destructive decontamination, which will not damage the machine, and will not damage the workpieces.
  3. It can be equipped with a variety of nozzles, the nozzles can be replaced, and the scope of decontamination is wide.

Applications of dry ice cleaning

  • The carbon deposits in the bread oven, baking tray, bracket and wafer tray can be removed by the dry ice cleaning.
  • Dirt on the surface of various molds such as tire molds, plastic molds, metal die-casting molds can be cleaned by the dry ice cleaning.
  • Turbine blades, generator stators, rotors, transformers, electrical control cabinets, boiler flues, etc. are all objects for dry ice cleaning.