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With the fast development of science and technology, dry ice has been the new clean resource applied to many aspects of our life and production. Dry ice (solidified carbon dioxide) now can be processed in different shapes and sizes by a series of dry ice processing machines, for example, a dry ice block machine.

As for the dry ice block, it can be made with different thicknesses by the dry ice brick maker, and its thickness is adjustable. Besides, the dry ice block machine’s production capacity varies with its different models.

Brief introduction of dry ice block machine

The dry ice brick maker is mainly used to compress liquid carbon dioxide into dry ice blocks with high density by certain hydraulic pressure. The main structure of the dry ice block machine includes the inlet, outlet, compression box, hydraulic system, feed pipe, solenoid valve, motor, exhaust pipe, extrusion die, electric cabinet with PLC control screen, etc.

The dry ice brick maker has high working efficiency in making dry ice blocks. It can be many types and models. In general, the larger the output of the dry ice block machine, the larger its size will be. Its output ranges from 120kg/h to 1000kg/h, and the size and shape of solidified carbon dioxide block can be adjusted according to the type of machine. Usually, the thicker the dry ice produced, the greater the yield of the machine.

Main applications of the Dry Ice Brick Maker

Because the solidified carbon dioxide has a very low temperature, dry ice block can be widely used in many fields, especially for use in food and drug refrigeration and transportation, aviation catering, cold chain transportation, cold storage refrigeration, and so on. When the dry ice blocks are made, we can use the dry ice heat preservation box to keep them at low temperatures.

  1. Simple structure, easy to install and operate, easy to maintain. The machine running smooth, and safe in operation.
  2. Small area occupation, space-saving, high production efficiency, high density of finished dry ice blocks, which is easy to preserve and transport.
  3. The final dry ice products have a good appearance and can use widely used in daily life so that the user can do commercial dry ice block production.

Technical parameters of the dry ice block maker

 Dry ice block size(mm)125×105×(20-60)125×105×(20-60)250×140×(50-210)250×140×(50-210)
Output(kg/h) Min  Max120  185240  370300  500600  1000
Density of the dry ice block(t/m³)≥1.48≥1.481.3-1.501.3-1.50
CO₂ transformation rate40%-43.5%40%-43.5%40%-43.5%40%-43.5%
Liquid inlet pressure(Mpa)≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1
Liquid inlet diameter(mm)DN102-DN10DN202-DN20
Exhaust pipe diameter(mm)DN502-DN 50DN702-DN70
Fuel tankage(L)280280280400
Overall dimension(cm)140×110×170160×140×170270×110×180270×150×180
Weight (kg)1200160023004500
Motor power(kw)13.52×13.51111
 Dry ice block size(mm)300×255×(50-260)300×255×(50-260)250×140×(50-210)300×255×(50-260)
OutputMin  Max400  650800 1300300  500400 650
Density of the dry ice block(t/m³)≥1.45≥1.451.3-1.521.3-1.52
CO₂ transformation rate40%-43.5%40%-43.5%40%-43.5%40%-43.5%
Liquid inlet pressure(Mpa)≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1≤2.1
Liquid inlet diameter(mm)DN202-DN20DN20DN20
Exhaust pipe diameter(mm)DN702-DN70DN702-DN70
Fuel tankage(L)280400320320
Overall dimension(cm)290×110×190290×160×190250×110×170250×110×170
Weight (kg)2800520021002600

Dry ice production machine Working Video

Dry ice block Production machine SL-100-1

This SL-100-1 model of dry ice block maker has a reasonable structure. It has a single outlet for discharging the dry ice blocks. It is composed of the pressure indicator, control button group, inlet and outlet, motor(7.5kw), and hydraulic cylinder. And the dry ice size of this model ranges from 125×105×20mm to 125×105×60mm, and the thickness of the dry ice blocks is adjustable. Its production capacity is between 120 kg/h and 185kg/h, besides, the greater the thickness of dry ice blocks, the greater their yield of them.

Dry ice brick maker SL-100-2

This SL-100-2 model of dry ice block making machine is a bigger type, which has two outlets for discharging dry ice blocks. Its structure is just the same as the model SL-100-2, but it has two motors(7.5kw×2)and accordingly two hydraulic cylinders for larger output. The size of dry ice blocks produced by this model ranges from 125×105×20mm to 125×105×60mm, and the dry ice blocks’ thickness is also adjustable. The yield of this model is twice that of the model SL-100-1, which can reach 240kg/h to 370kg/h.

Dry ice manufacturing maker SL-500-1  

This dry ice block machine is mainly to make large blocks of dry ice, which can make the dry ice block with sizes between 250×140×50mm and 250×140×210mm. Compared to the above two models, this one is equipped with a larger motor(13.5kw) and a higher yield which ranges from 300kg/h to 500kg/h, besides, the greater the thickness of the dry ice block, the greater the yield of the dry ice manufacturing machine. Because of the different working capacities, its liquid CO2 inlet diameter and exhaust pipe diameter are also different.

Dry ice block machine SL-500-2

This model of dry ice production machine is the biggest one that can make the dry ice blocks on a large scale, which is very suitable for commercial dry ice block production. The yield of this machine is twice as much as the SL-500-1 model, which can reach 600kg/h to 1000kg/h. Its structure is the same as the above SL-100-2 model, and it also has two motors and two hydraulic cylinders, and accordingly, it has two outlets for discharging. The dry ice blocks produced by this machine is mainly for airline catering, preservation refrigeration, and the cold chain transport industry.

Dry ice brick maker SL-650-1

SL-650-1 model of dry ice block machine is suitable for making the bigger size of dry ice blocks. Its structure includes the liquid CO₂ inlet, dry ice blocks outlet, pressure indicator, control button group, and hydraulic cylinder. The dry ice block size of this machine ranges from 300×255×50mm to 300×255×260mm( bigger than the above models, and its thickness can also be adjusted). This model has an output between 400kg/h to 650kg/h. The dry ice blocks’ density is slightly smaller than the above models.

Dry ice production machine SL-650-2

SL-650-2 model of dry ice block making machine’s overall dimension and weight is bigger than the SL-650-1 model, and its yield is almost twice as much as the SL-650-1 model, which can reach 800kg/h to 1300kg/h. Since it has a big working capacity, it has two discharging inlets and two hydraulic cylinders. When it works, we can monitor the hydraulic pressure through the pressure indicator and can regulate the press speed.   

Dry ice block machine SL-500-1L

SL-500-1L model of dry ice block machine’s shape and structure are different from previous models. We can see that its hydraulic cylinder is set vertically which is different from the former models with the horizontal hydraulic cylinder. It is composed of the electronic cabinet controller, motor, hydraulic cylinder, frame, mold, and operating shelf. The operating shelf is setting closely to discharging outlet for easy collection the dry ice blocks. The mold can be changed and even be customized for different requirements of the dry ice block sizes.

Dry ice brick maker SL-650-1L

The SL-650-1L model of dry ice block making machine’s structure is similar to the SL-500-1L model, but it has a larger output than the former model. Its yield ranges from 400kg/h to 650kg/h. Because the size of the dry ice blocks produced by this model is larger, its working efficiency is very high. This model of dry ice manufacturing machine is very suitable for the commercial production of dry ice products. And the final dry ice blocks are mainly used for the preservation and refrigeration industry.

How to store dry ice blocks?

It is important to know how to keep dry ice well. Dry ice should be placed in a dry ice heat preservation box during storage. An incubator with a good insulation effect can slow down the sublimation of dry ice. The box used to store the dry ice must be ventilated. Because the pressure generated by the sublimation of the dry ice can cause an explosion, it is not allowed to put the dry ice in an airtight incubator.

Dry ice for sale
dry ice for sale

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