Shuliy machinery Teach you how to store dry ice

After the dry ice made by the dry ice block making machne, dry ice should be placed in a dry ice heat preservation box during storage. To store dry ice, you need to use a special storage box, but there is still loss. A good storage box can reduce the loss to 6‰. But the price is expensive. General households do not have special boxes, and ordinary foam boxes can be used for storage. An incubator with a good insulation effect can slow down the sublimation of dry ice. The box used to store the dry ice must be ventilated. Because the pressure generated by the sublimation of the dry ice can cause an explosion, it is not allowed to put the dry ice in an airtight incubator.

Dry ice heat preservation
Shuliy Machinery Teach You How To Store Dry Ice 2

Dry ice is also called solid carbon dioxide (CO2), because the temperature of dry ice is very low. The temperature is minus 78.5 degrees Celsius, so it is often used to keep objects in a frozen or low temperature state. Dry ice is very volatile and sublimates into a non-toxic and odorless gas, carbon dioxide. Therefore, dry ice cannot be stored in a container with good sealing performance and small volume, and it is easy to explode. Keep the dry ice in a well-ventilated place, and let the gas generated by the volatilization of the dry ice release, so that it is safe. In addition, small pieces of dry ice are easier to sublime. Therefore, it is best to buy dry ice before using it. Try to shorten the time between buying dry ice and using dry ice.