100KG/H Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine Was Shipped to America

With the great development of science and technology of the manufacturing industry of China, more and more high-quality machines were shipped to many oversea countries. We Shuliy machinery as the leading manufacturer of dry ice processing machines, has supported hundreds of dry ice machines for many countries in recent years. Last week, we shipped one set of dry ice pelletizer machine with capacity of 100kg/h to America.

Commercial dry ice pellet machine is prepared for shipping to u. S
commercial dry ice pellet machine is prepared for shipping to U.S

What can the commercial dry ice pelletizer machine do in America?

In terms of the functions of the dry ice pellet machine, it is just a reformer equipment for turning liquid carbon dioxide into solid dry ice granules. However, the final dry ice pellets are very useful in all aspects of our daily life.

Different diameters of dry ice pellets made by commercial dry ice pellet machines have different utility values. For example, dry ice particles with a diameter of 3 mm can be used as a raw material for dry ice cleaning.

The dry ice blasting machine is widely used in mold manufacturing and automotive processing. The 13-16 mm diameter dry ice pellets can be used as raw material for cold chain transportation, or they can be processed into ingredients for dishes.

Why the America customer choose our dry ice pellet machine?

This U.S. customer is a customer we worked with in 2018 and once ordered a dry ice blaster machine at our dry ice machine factory. His dry ice cleaning machine is mainly used to clean engines and car tires for some famous cars.

This time he bought dry ice pellets making machine, he had two purposes: 1. To produce dry ice granules with a diameter of 13 mm, and then sell the dry ice granules to a local food processing plant to store and transport food. 2. By changing different molds for the dry ice granulator, dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3 mm are produced to provide processing materials for his dry ice washing machine.