5 Special Uses for Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice granules with different specifications have different uses. In addition to dry ice cleaning in the manufacturing industry and cold chain transportation of the food processing fields, dry ice pellets still have many other special uses. Here, Shuliy dry ice machinery will share interesting and practical dry ice knowledge for you.

How does the dry ice pellets made?

The production of dry ice is a process in which liquid carbon dioxide is converted into snowflake-shaped solids through a throttling expansion valve using a dry ice pelletizer, and then the snowflake-shaped solids are extruded into a cylindrical granular solid through a compression mechanism in the dry ice pellet machine.

Guidance from the technician for operating dry ice granular machine
Guidance from the technician for operating dry ice granular machine

5 special uses for dry ice pellets

1.Accelerate plant growth

Small amounts of carbon dioxide increase the growth rate of plants. Therefore, we can put some dry ice particles to sublimate near the plant for 10-15 minutes, so that the carbon dioxide gas produced by dry ice sublimation can be converted into nutrients for plant growth, but remember not to let the dry ice particles be too close to the plant, because the temperature is too low will Plants are harmful.

2. Asphalt cooling

The use of dry ice pellets keeps fine asphalt at the required temperature during transportation from the manufacturing plant to the job site. Even more beneficial, the use of dry ice can speed up road construction cooling and allow contractors to complete paving work faster.

3.Production of industrial carbonated liquids

Dry ice pellets made by shuliy dry ice pellet machine
Dry Ice Pellets Made By Shuliy Dry Ice Pellet Machine

When dry ice is added to liquids such as water, dry ice sublimation will become CO2 gas. In this process, the liquid will absorb the CO2 gas and become a carbonate liquid. This carbonate liquid is an important raw material for making carbonated drinks such as AKA soda and soda. In addition, the carbonated liquid is also widely used in the production of soda ash industry.

4.Preserve seafood

Dry ice pellets can be used to freeze fish, ensuring the freshness of various seafood products and extending storage time by up to 10 days longer than regular ice cubes. In addition, dry ice is also suitable for preserving food during long trips or camping. Dry ice granules provide the most effective and cheap way to keep refrigerated or frozen perishable foods.

5.Medical use

Dry ice particles have many applications in the medical field. Doctors often use dry ice particles to freeze and remove warts or other skin imperfections. Temperature-sensitive medical supplies, samples, and equipment are also often shipped on dry ice as a coolant. Dry ice can also be used in freezing pipes, basically preventing water flow at the point of contact. After the pipeline freezes, maintenance can continue.