Application of dry ice pellets in sausage making

The liquid CO2 can be processed into solid CO2 which is also named dry ice with different specifications, such as dry ice blocks, dry ice pellets, dry ice powder and so on. And these dry ice products can be widely used in many processing fields like food production, chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries, etc. Especially, the dry ice pellets are very common for use in the food keeping aspect.

Dry ice pellets with 3mm diameter
Dry Ice Pellets With 3Mm Diameter

How are the dry ice pellets made?

    To make dry ice pellets or solid CO2 granules, we can choose the high-quality dry ice pellet machine. This kind of dry ice processing machine can turn the liquid carbon dioxide into all kinds of pellets with different diameters. There is the electronic touch control screen on this dry ice pellet machine for controlling all the data like pressure, processing speed and so on. Therefore, the whole dry ice pellets making process is very easy and efficient.

Production of dry ice pellets
Production Of Dry Ice Pellets

Why the dry ice pellets can be used in sausages processing?

    In the process of making sausages, once the meat used to make the sausages are ground, they must be refrigerated immediately. In order to accelerate the cooling, the smaller diameter dry ice granules or the pulverized dry ice (solid CO2) can be directly sent to a grinder for grinding, and meat and spices are added. The meat and carbon dioxide then leave the mill at a temperature of 1℃. In this process, adding dry ice has two main functions:

1. Allow the meat to cool rapidly to 1℃ in the grinder.

2. The dry ice temperature is low, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and prolong the shelf life.


Main features of the dry ice pellet machines

1. The design of the whole dry ice machine is exquisite, the layout is reasonable, and the floor space is small, which can save space.

2. It adopts CPU automatic control system and hydraulic system, and the components are imported, which has high reliability.

3. Replace different molds to produce dry ice pellets of different specifications.

4. This dry ice pellet machine has added a device that can adapt to the unqualified carbon dioxide in the process design, and it can still operate normally when the water is seriously exceeded.