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  1. Low temperature can cause cold injury;
  2. Please wear safety clothes during operation;
  3. Don’t use nozzles aim at others or oneself;
  4. Please monitor Co2 capacity at any time;
  5. Please do blasting work in ventilated environment;
  6. Don’t stop at working area.

Technical parameters:

Compressed air

Pressure:  0.8-1.2MPa

Consumption: 2.8-7.0 m3/min

Dry air, no condensation

Power source

Voltage: 220VAC

Power: 750W

Dry ice

Hopper: 28L

Ice size: Ф1.5-Ф4mm L5-15mm

Ice flow:  0-3.0kg/min


L: 580mm

W: 460mm

H: 1100mm

Weight: 160kg

Connect unit

Compressed air connect:  1’’ screwed joint

Ice blast pipe connect:    1’’ screwed joint


-the trigger in blasting gun control air flow

-the emergency stop button in control panel control emergency braking

-the spin control button in control panel control vibration

-the frequency converter speed regulating button in control panel control ice flow


Use license

Don’t use this equipment without reasonable training or permit from supervisor. Please read this manual carefully before operation.

Safety clothes

During work, please wear suitable safety clothes, including: goggles, earplug, gloves and long sleeve labor suit. Due to special working conditions, you may also need some special suit or tool, for example: skin protection kits, Cartridge respirator or other protection equipment suitable for some special cleaning environment.


The noise is up to air pressure and air flow; and the noise which operator can bear is also up to working ship noise and the noise change due to blasting on surface of cleaned product. So operator should wear suitable eye plug to avoid unnecessary damage.

Risk for suffocation

Co2 gas will occur due to dry ice sublimation. So we must work in ventilated area. And it is necessary to use proper detecting instrument and a high carbon dioxide indicator is good enough to detect the Co2 in plant.

Electro static discharge

The static electricity will accumulate in different parts and discharge to floor and operator because of high speed dry ice pellets and air flow. To reduce static electricity in max. degree, please make sure equipments and cleaned products connecting on ground.

Static electricity will cause flammables burn!

High speed dry ice pellets

High speed dry ice pellets blasted from gun may cause serious accident work injury; No aim at others or yourself; No testing ice flow by your hands, feet or other parts of body.

Cold injury

Low temperature of carbon dioxide-minus 78 Celsius degree may cause serious skin cold injury if you touch it without any protection measures. No touch dry ice or the equipment in low temperature without wearing suitable insulation gloves.

Operation condition

Dry ice blasting will bring acting force for operator; and this force is in direct proportion to blasting pressure and air flow. And operator should pay attention to blasting pressure, working time and blasting area in order that he can work in most efficient condition.

Compressed air danger

The control system of this equipment will cause air gather inside blaster and other apparatus. Please release air before starting equipment, in case the inside air go out suddenly.

Operation guide

Disassemble package

  1. Find the air input connector and connect the blaster; it must comply for dry ice blaster air inlet size: 1’’ screw connector.
  2. Fill oil till half of reducer oil box; it has been filled before leaving factory.

Blasting gun

Dry ice blaster has one standard steel tube and one set of small blasting kits; they compose high speed power, light grip and pipe and make cleaning work simple and fast. Please ready following instruction and make sure safe use of blasting gun

Connect blasting gun to blaster

  1. Check if blasting gun, pipe damage or not; repair it if any before use.
  2. Please disconnect air output before install or discharge blasting gun and pipes.
  3. Please connect the 1’’ air pipe mother connector of blasting pipe to dry ice blaster output.
  4. Please connect tripper’s control pipe to blaster’s connectors. Please pay attention to different size connector and they cannot interchange.

Preparation work

  1. Connect this ice blaster to air outlet when ice blaster outlet valve and emergency braking valve close; please use 1’’ air pipe and dry air.
  2. Please connect pipes according to the said above.
  3. Close entirely ball valve which control blasting pressure; open completely air supply valve and emergency braking valve and supply air to blaster; there is no air leaking.

Notice: air pressure should not exceed 1.5MPa.

  • Connect 220VAC power supply and loose emergency braking button.
  • Aim blasting gun to safe direction and pull trigger. It will start motor and bring ice running. After safety measures are done, open air control valve lightly. Check air pressure gauge and continue opening control valve till up to required blasting pressure, then loosen trigger.
  • Put dry ice pellets into hopper but not over capacity; and after blasting, the rest ice must clean out of dry ice blaster.
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Dry ice blasting procedure

Please refer to “notice” part when you prepare and are doing ice blasting work to make sure safety.

  1. Complete preparation work according to all steps
  2. Point blasting gun to cleaned product
  3. Pull trigger and keep blasting gun 50-150mm distance away from cleaning product surface
  4. Loosen trigger when work is finished


  1. Please keep blasting gun 50-150mm away from surface of cleaned product; this distance can be enlarged but cleaning effect will be reduced.
  2. Avoid short time blasting because longer continuous blasting can bring better cleaning effect.
  3. Don’t load full ice in hopper and the ice stay time in hopper before blasting should not exceed 20 minutes; if the ice stay longer than 20mins, please separate ice by a metal shovel before starting blasting it.
  4. Please clean up the unused ice in hopper when blasting work is over.

Notice: Blasting gun will continue blasting ice during the seconds of loosening trigger in order to remove ice in pipe in case of block.

Shut off machine

Follow right way to shut off machine and improve safety factor, it will increase ice blasting machine use life.

  1. Make sure air inlet valve close.
  2. Loosen one connector or reduce pressure for blasting at short time in order to clean left air.
  3. Disconnect air supply pipe from ice blaster.
  4. Close emergency braking valve.
  5. Disconnect trigger pipe to other connectors.
  6. Take off dry ice pipe; it will be difficult to do if it is icing.
  7. Loosen air blast pipe and take it off
  8. Remove unused dry ice.
  9. Roll soft pipes and do not kink.
  10. Thaw equipment and allow it to air dry.
  11. Record any leaking, pipe abrasion and parts loose problem and give solution.


  1. It is necessary to check reducer casing fuel tank to see if oil level is at above minimum limit although the lubricating oil consumption is very low at normal condition; but please not fill full it.

Notice: please do not fill oil when dry ice blaster connect air supply pipe every day before open machine.

  • Please check chain drive and adjust motor assembly place to avoid chain slack every day before open machine.
  • Please check if there is abrasion or crack on soft pipe and trigger pipe; if so, replace it immediately.
  • No air leaking in machine; and it is necessary to screw or replace the damaged connector.


 No response when pull triggerNo connecting air supplyNo connecting trigger pipeConverter fault alarmEmergency valve closeConnect air supplyConnect trigger pipeRemove alarmOpen emergency valve
 No dry ice blasting outRotating speed of Converter control dry ice flow stopDry ice block runnerDry ice lump in hopperSlowly open regulating switch and adjust to required speedClean dry ice in runnerBreak lump
   Dry ice often lump in hopperDry ice contact air too long during production and storageDry ice stay long in hopper before blastingThere is much friction or water during mix iceHopper wall not cleanReduce contact time during production and storageLoad ice just before blasting Use good quality ice and keep dryClean the wall of hopper
 Ice blasting pipe often blockIce blasting pipe twist or blockBlasting pressure is not normalThere is air leaking in ice blast pipeRemove twist or blockAdjust air pressure to normal valueRepair or replace blast pipe
 Ice flow is smallConverter adjusting speed slowVibration motor speed too lowAdjust right ice giving speed Adjust motor vibration frequency