Operation Manual for Dry Ice Pelletizer Model SL-50-1

Contents 1. General introduction 2. Hydraulic system 3. Electric control system 4. Installation and commission 5. Operation 6. Maintenance 7.Trouble shooting General introduction Dry ice pelletizer is a dry ice machine which makes dry ice pellets of liquid Co2. Overall dimension is L1450*W800*H1250mm, the net weight is 580kg Production capacity       Dry ice size: Dia.3mm and 16 mm;     Dry ice density: food grade … Read more


Image sl 750

Warning: Low temperature can cause cold injury; Please wear safety clothes during operation; Don’t use nozzles aim at others or oneself; Please monitor Co2 capacity at any time; Please do blasting work in ventilated environment; Don’t stop at working area. Technical parameters: Compressed air Pressure:  0.8-1.2MPa Consumption: 2.8-7.0 m3/min Dry air, no condensation Power source Voltage: … Read more