Application of Dry ice cleaning machine For food processing machinery

In recent years, dry ice cleaning has become an indispensable part of the cleaning industry. The emergence of dry ice cleaning has solved the trouble of dirt for many manufacturers. In addition to cleaning various industrial equipment and industrial molds, dry ice cleaning can also clean food molds, and food machines.

What food machinery can be cleaned by a dry ice cleaning machine?

Dry ice equipment cleaners are effective in removing baking residue, grease and food mixtures, grease, plastic residue, rust, dirt, graffiti, gum, dyes, paints, glues, sealants, mold release agents, and more.

Dry ice blasters can effectively clean ovens, mixing equipment, conveyor belts, moldings, packaging equipment, oven racks, oven trays, various containers, drums, refrigerator walls, vegetable slicers, meat slicers, etc.

Working principle of dry ice cleaning machine

Dry ice cleaning machines in our factory
dry ice cleaning machines in our factory
  • The dry ice particles of the dry ice cleaning equipment hit the surface to be cleaned at high speed under the action of compressed air, and convert the kinetic energy into heat;
  • Due to the cold shock, the fouling layer on the surface quickly becomes brittle and cracked, which greatly reduces its adsorption force between the base layers.
  • The dry ice particles crushed by the dry ice when impacted enter the cracks of the powder layer and sublime rapidly, and their volume expands 800 times, peeling off the food dirt to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Precautions during the washing process

  • Do a good job of noise protection. In the process of cleaning the mold, the dry ice cleaning machine used will generate a certain amount of noise. Wearing noise-proof earmuffs and earplugs is important.
  • The dry ice particles sprayed by dry ice cleaning cannot be resisted by the human body. Before the operation, protective glasses, protective masks, earmuffs, gloves and protective clothing must be worn.
  • During the dry ice cleaning process, do not aim the jet port at others.