shuliy Machinery dry ice blasting machine has many Advantages

In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial technology, traditional cleaning methods cannot quickly solve cleaning problems, and Shuliy dry ice blasting machies are new cutting-edge cleaning equipment born under the rapid development of traditional cleaning, and can be used in automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, etc. The use efficiency of the machine is high, the cleaning speed is fast, and the cleaning cost is reduced.

Use dry ice to save costs, because carbon dioxide is a component of the atmosphere, it is very convenient to use, and the price is cheap. There are few power-consuming equipment, dry ice is directly volatilized during cleaning, and there is no cost for cleaning media.

The dry cleaning process is different from steam and high-pressure water cleaning. In the application of the food industry, compared with water cleaning, dry ice cleaning greatly reduces the possibility of bacterial growth and ensures food safety. Therefore, many food manufacturers prefer to use dry ice cleaning machines. In addition, dry ice blasting will not damage wires, control components and switches. After cleaning, compared with water cleaning, the possibility of equipment rusting is greatly reduced.