Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Shipped to Saudi Arabia for Car Washing Center

Dry ice cleaning machines are increasingly used in all aspects of social life, so many investors and distributors have begun to purchase commercial dry ice blasters. The dry ice machine developed and manufactured by our factory has been well received by the market, so we often accept various international orders. Recently, we exported a small dry ice cleaning machine and dry ice incubator to a car washing center in Saudi Arabia.

Shuiy dry ice cleaning machine’s features

There are many types of commercial dry ice cleaning machines manufactured and exported by our Shuliy factory, which can be applied to different workplaces. The raw material of the dry ice washing machine is dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3mm processed by dry ice granulation.

Dry ice blasting machine 1
small dry ice cleaning machine for sale

The model of our dry ice washing machine is determined according to the volume of dry ice particles. Therefore, the smaller the model of the dry ice washing machine, the smaller the dry ice capacity added each time. and.

Usually small dry ice cleaners are more suitable for cleaning small equipment or parts with a small surface area. Large-scale dry ice cleaners are more suitable for items with larger cleaning areas.

Why did this Saudi customer buy dry ice cleaning machine?

The Saudi customer has his own car washing and maintenance center in his local area. As people pay more and more attention to car quality, the customer’s car washing center has more and more valuable cars. In order to ensure the cleaning quality and not cause damage to the car, the customer decided to purchase a special dry ice blasting machine for his car washing center.

Commercial dry ice cleaning machine
commercial dry ice cleaning machine

In order to facilitate the movement, the customer chose a small dry ice washing machine. This small dry ice washing machine can be placed on a stand that can be moved at will during use, so it is easy to move in small places.

The customer purchased the dry ice cleaning machine mainly to clean the engine dirt of some expensive cars because dry ice cleaning is not only efficient but also does not damage the equipment and cause pollution.

In order to save costs, the customer chose to buy dry ice pellets rather than dry ice pelletizers. In addition, in order to better preserve the dry ice particles, the Saudi customer also purchased a dry ice incubator.