Dry Ice Cleaning method in silicone mold Manufacturing

It’s hard to associate dry ice cleaning with silicone supplies, isn’t it? But now with the rising variety and number of silicone supplies, the molds used to make them also need to be cleaned regularly so that the quality of the product can be assured. And dry ice cleaning method is perfect for that.

Application of silicone material

Silicone material is a kind of material that is resistant to high temperature, low temperature and strong stability. Silicone kitchenware is non-toxic and harmless, which is a safe and environmentally friendly material. Silicone supplies are very common in our daily life, such as using silicone for kitchenware, silicone spatulas, silicone water cups, milk bottles, silicone gloves.

Beacuse silicone has various colors and beautiful forms, and has high strength softness, corrosion resistance and temperature suitability, so it will not rust, scald and fragile in the process of use, and it can also play the role of heat insulation. Because of its non-toxic, you can also use silicone to make children’s toys.

Srict cleaning method for silicone molds

High-quality food-grade silicone products are relatively expensive and require high requirements for molds and materials. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the molds for making silicone products.

Food-grade silicone molds have high requirements for cleaning methods, and cannot be cleaned by chemical reagents and other unsafe methods of pollution, many companies used to take manual cleaning methods, some minor residues on the surface can be removed, but for some small holes can not be cleaned in depth, a little carelessness may scratch the mold, affecting the smoothness of the product, and cleaning in many equipment also need to disassemble, install both Waste of time and may damage the equipment in the handling.

Dry ice cleaning method for silicone molds

With the development of cleaning technology, dry ice cleaning method is widely used in various industries, dry ice cleaning method is a cleaning system using dryice cleaning machine, the machine will spray dry ice particles through high-pressure air to the surface of the object to be cleaned, the use of temperature differences in the physical reflection of different substances in different shrinkage speed to produce detachment.

Dry ice cleaning machine can be cleaned according to the characteristics of the mold, can achieve deep cleaning of tiny pores, the entire cleaning process is safe and environmentally friendly, and dry ice will be sublimated into a gaseous state into the air after cleaning, neither residue, nor environmental impact. At present, with the popularity and development of dry ice cleaning technology, dry ice cleaning is widely used in food processing lines, edible-grade molds and so on.