Advantages for applying dry ice blaster machine in mold manufacturing

As an emerging technology, dry ice cleaning has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, no damage, no pollution, and environmental protection compared with traditional industrial cleaning processes. Especially in the mold manufacturing industry, the dry ice blaster machine has unique cleaning advantages.

Development of dry ice cleaning(blasting)

Industrial cleaning, as an engineering technology in the field of scientific research, is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives and industrial production; the development of the cleaning industry has not only provided effective technical services for the whole society but has also become a social civilization in today’s society. With the industrialization process and the needs of social production and living in various countries, the application fields of the cleaning industry are becoming more and more extensive, such as chemical industry, metal processing industry, light industry, power industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, electronics industry, aviation In industrial, shipbuilding and military industries, industrial cleaning is widely used.


Dry ice cleaning technology began to be applied to the domestic industry in the United States in the late 1980s. After more than 10 years of development, the technology has been widely used in automotive manufacturing, aviation, Nuclear power industry, food processing, and other industrial fields. As a professional manufacturer of dry ice machinery, we have provided a series of dry ice processing equipment such as high-efficiency dry ice blasting machines, dry ice pelletizers, dry ice briquette machines, dry ice insulation boxes, etc. for more than 50 countries around the world.

Advantages of dry ice blasting in mold manufacturing

In order to ensure high-quality injection molding, how to thoroughly clean the complex inner cavity and exhaust hole of the mold is a common problem for plastic parts manufacturers. The emergence and application of dry ice cleaning machine solve the above problems, not only improves the cleaning quality but also greatly shortens the cleaning time.

Commercial dry ice cleaning machine
commercial dry ice cleaning machine

During the process of injection molding, demolding or label pressing, residues in the mold will cause a lot of problems, which may lead to an increase in defective products and damage to the mold. When the mold is closed, the mold line or burr will be left on the product. Remove these clamping lines or burrs to ensure product quality.

Cleaning and deburring in the traditional way is not only tedious, but also inefficient, and brings new problems to environmental sanitation. The dry ice spray cleaning of the dry ice blaster machine not only does not wear the mold but is also an environmentally friendly cleaning method. It can thoroughly clean the mold, greatly shorten the cleaning time of the mold, improve the mold production efficiency, and ensure product quality.