What to pay attention to when using a dry ice blaster?

With the development of the industrial era, traditional industrial cleaning is difficult to meet the needs of all walks of life, and dry ice blaster can be said to be more equipment in various cleaning areas, its cleaning efficiency is very high. Today, as a manufacturer of dry ice cleaning machine, Shuliy Machinery shares some of the matters that need attention in the daily use of dry ice blaster.

Provide a stable power supply for your dry ice blaster

The equipment will bear a lot of voltage when starting up, if the power supply used by the dry ice blaster is not stable, it will consume excess power and also affect the life of the dry ice machine, so when using the machine we recommend preparing a stable power supply when using the machine, and also need to have over-voltage and overload protection.

Do a start-up check before using

If you want to make the dry ice cleaner last longer, Shuliy Machiner recommends that you have professional training from the factory and that you check the parts before each start-up, including checking the stability of the power supply, the integrity of the electrical wiring, and the integrity of the machine parts.

Make Regular maintenance

If you want the dry ice blaster machine can work better, you need to do regular maintenance of the dry ice cleaning machine, we recommend that you use a soft cloth to dry ice cleaning machine regularly to clean the dust, and at the same time to check the internal parts of the dry ice machine, found that there are parts damaged to replace parts in a timely manner.