What is the effect of dry ice machine for wedding?

Dry ice machine for wedding is widely used, in wedding, more and more people like to use dry ice machine to create smoke. In the wedding, the moment of dry ice sublimation generated by the white fog overflowing the entire stage will be shaped like a wonderland of wonderful effects, this is the stage dry ice smoke effect charm.

How to make the smoke effect on stage?

There are many people who will be curious, what is the smoke on stage ah? In fact, this is the sublimation of dry ice phenomenon. Spray dry ice on stage, dry ice from the solid form of rapid sublimation heat absorption into a gas, condensing around the water vapor into a smoky, you can appear smoke effect. If you use a large professional dry ice machine to put on dry ice and spray to the performance stage, there is the feeling of stage spray, stage performances are covered with the smoke scenario produced in this way.

Good smoke art requires a high level of artistic training

In the hands of stage designers, dry ice is an artistic expression of shaping the stage space. As an excellent stage smoke technician, he or she should form or her own experience from continuous exploration. The perfect stage designer, first of all, should have a detailed understanding of the live space conditions of the performance, get the performance of the stage space plan, section diagram, and other information, in entering the stage design desk work, just right to set the stage effect atmosphere.

At the same time, operators also need to take into account the applicable amount of dry ice, adjust the dry ice machine for wedding to the right location and control the amount of smoke. It can not be too much smoke out of the way and out of the amount of too little will have no effect. In order to show different feelings and atmospheres, the operator also needs to configure various effect lights, etc., to render the atmosphere of the scene.