shuliy tells you how to distinguish the quality of dry ice for sale

In recent years, due to the many advantages of dry ice cleaning, the wide cleaning field, and the good refrigeration and preservation effect, dry ice machines are very popular among market users. So do you know how to judge the quality of dry ice for sale? The staff of Shuliy machinery will tell you today how to judge the quality of dry ice.

Watch the color of dry ice

First look at the color and appearance of dry ice. The color of high-quality dry ice is pure white, the surface is shiny, the ice particle size is uniform, the whole is plump and smooth, and the dry ice of poor quality has cracks. When producing block-shaped dry ice, if the workers are not finely crafted or unskilled, and they do not grasp the specifications when cutting, the surface of the dry ice cubes will look rough, with poor plumpness and agglomeration.

Dry Ice Is Pure White

Smell the dry ice

smell the dry ice for sale. Take a small amount of dry ice, blow hot air on the dry ice, and immediately ask what it tastes like. Food-grade dry ice has no peculiar smell, and even after a long time, there will be no sour smell. The products with abnormal odor are inferior and inferior products, and they smell very stinky. If you take them out to make a stage smoke effect, after spraying, there will also be a very bad smell on the stage, which will affect the stage effect and may even lead to personnel poisoning. the phenomenon, so do not use inferior dry ice, because if there is a problem, the consequences are very serious.

Touch the dry ice for sale

Touch the dry ice, fell its appearance. It should be noted that dry ice cannot be directly touched by hand. As long as it is dry ice, it is all ice, and even the worst dry ice temperature is very cold. The correct way is to wear gloves to take it. High-quality dry ice has a smooth surface and high density. It is very heavy in the hand, not easy to sublime, and has little loss. Bad dry ice is light and not durable, even if store in a dry ice preservation box, it will be worse soon.