American laboratory purchased 3 dry ice cleaning machines

American laboratory purchased 3 dry ice cleaning machines from the Shuliy factory for cleaning laboratory equipment.

Main purpose of buying dry ice cleaning machine

A purchasing representative from a small laboratory in San Francisco, USA, boarded a flight to China a week before the Canton Fair with a clear goal in mind – to find efficient and reliable dry ice cleaning equipment for the laboratory to meet the high standard of cleaning required for precision lab equipment.

Dry ice cleaning pipe
dry ice cleaning pipe

At the beginning of the trip planning, the customer has carefully selected three dry ice machine suppliers located in Shandong, Shanghai, and Henan, and the Shuliy factory in Henan, with its good market reputation, has become the customer’s key object of investigation.

How did Shuliy serve this American customer?

Upon learning of the customer’s intention to visit, Shuliy factory responded quickly and prepared a one-stop reception service according to the customer’s schedule: from airport welcome to factory tour, equipment demonstration, to accommodation and catering arrangements, every link reflects the factory’s thoughtfulness and professionalism.

Pipes for dry ice cleaning
pipes for dry ice cleaning

Reach cooperation

During the visit, the customer was not only impressed by the dry ice cleaning equipment of the Shuliy plant but also highly praised the meticulous service and warm reception of the plant team. After a careful comparison of the quality and price of the equipment from several suppliers, the US laboratory finally decided to order 3 sets of 30kg dry ice cleaning machines and 4 sets of 21L and 55L dry ice holding tanks from Shuliy.

These devices not only meet the lab’s needs for storage and cleaning of different volumes, but also the advantage of Shuliy factory’s off-the-shelf stock, coupled with fast voltage and plug adjustment services, further contributed to the deal.

Machine test before delivery

To ensure that the equipment was fully compliant with U.S. standards, the Shuliy factory conducted a test run of the dry ice cleaning machines before shipment and recorded a video of the test run to be sent to the customer, so that the lab team in the U.S. could visualize the status of the equipment.

This not only shows the factory’s attention to the customer’s needs but also further strengthens the customer’s confidence in purchasing the equipment. Everything is ready, the equipment is expected to leave the next day, across the Pacific Ocean, to the United States.

Dry ice cleaning machine test video

dry ice cleaning machine video