Cooling Innovations: Shuliy’s 300kg/h Dry Ice Block Press Empowers UK Pharma Factory

As the pharmaceutical company continues to elevate its cold chain capabilities, Shuliy’s 300kg/h Dry Ice Block Press stands as a testament to the brand’s reliability and efficiency. This partnership reinforces Shuliy’s position as a trusted provider of advanced dry ice processing solutions, making strides in revolutionizing the way industries approach low-temperature logistics.

This successful collaboration between Shuliy Factory and the UK pharmaceutical factory showcases the pivotal role of advanced dry ice processing equipment in critical industries. Shuliy’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns seamlessly with the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical sector.

Customer profile for dry ice block press

A leading UK pharmaceutical company embarked on a journey to enhance its cold chain capabilities. Focused on ensuring the low-temperature preservation and transport of medicines and vaccines, the company sought a reliable solution. Shuliy Factory, renowned for its cutting-edge dry ice processing equipment, became the chosen partner in this endeavor.

Shuliy’s Expert Recommendation

Understanding the critical need for precision and efficiency in pharmaceutical cold chain logistics, Shuliy Factory recommended the 300kg/h Dry Ice Block Press Machine.

Tailored to meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical giant, this machine boasts a production capacity of 300 kilograms per hour. It produces dry ice blocks with dimensions approximately 210x140x13mm, and the weight of each block is adjustable within the range of 0.5-5kg.

To complement the dry ice production line, the UK client opted for an additional purchase of 20 storage containers, each with a volume of 400 liters. These containers were strategically chosen to facilitate seamless storage and transportation of the produced dry ice blocks.

Client Testimonial about Shuliy’s Dry Ice Block Press Machine

Upon the successful arrival of the equipment, the installation and commissioning process proved to be smooth and straightforward. The UK client expressed satisfaction with the simplicity of operation, praising the user-friendly design of Shuliy’s dry ice block press machine.

dry ice block press machine’s working video

The client shared their positive experience, stating, “The installation and operation of the dry ice block press machine from Shuliy were seamless. The user-friendly interface made the entire process efficient. We are pleased with the overall import experience and the performance of the equipment.”

The Impact of Shuliy’s Dry Ice Block Machine for The UK Customer

  1. Precision in Production:
    Shuliy’s 300kg/h Dry Ice Block Press ensured precise and consistent production of dry ice blocks, meeting the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics.
  2. Versatility in Block Sizes:
    The adjustable weight feature allowed the client to produce dry ice blocks of varying sizes, accommodating diverse needs within the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Storage Solutions:
    The additional purchase of 20 storage containers provided the client with a comprehensive solution for efficient storage and transportation of the produced dry ice blocks.
Dry ice containers for shipping
dry ice containers for shipping