Supplying 60 Dry Ice Containers to a Saudi Dry Ice Factory

The 60 dry ice containers, meticulously designed to preserve and transport dry ice, will undoubtedly enhance the efficiency and reliability of our client’s operations. This collaboration with our Saudi customers reinforces our commitment to providing quality solutions for the evolving demands of the dry ice industry, making us a trusted partner for dry ice manufacturers worldwide.

Dry ice storage containers delivery
dry ice storage containers delivery

Profile of Saudi customers for dry ice storage containers

Our Saudi client, an intermediate-scale dry ice processing facility, operates in a sector that demands precision and efficiency. To meet the growing demands of the local market, they invested in high-quality dry ice production equipment imported from Germany. Their main product line consisted of dry ice pellets, supplied to local cold chain transport and pharmaceutical companies for various applications.

Why choose to buy dry ice containers?

With a focus on producing dry ice pellets for local cold chain transport and pharmaceutical companies, the company has been committed to delivering quality and reliability.

However, they recognized the inherent challenge of storing and transporting dry ice, given its rapid sublimation rate and sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. To ensure the quality of their products, the client sought a reliable solution for dry ice storage and transportation.

Shuliy's dry ice containers for sale
Shuliy’s dry ice containers for sale

Shuliy Factory’s solution for dry ice storage and transportation

The Saudi client’s quest for dependable dry ice storage solutions led them to Shuliy Factory, a renowned Chinese manufacturer and exporter of dry ice containers. Recognizing the unique requirements of the client, we embarked on a comprehensive consultation process.

Shuliy Factory provided the Saudi client with a detailed understanding of our dry ice storage containers, including vital information such as sublimation rates, storage duration, material composition, and usage guidelines. We ensured that the client received a tailored solution to meet their specific needs.

After evaluating our extensive range of dry ice containers, the Saudi client opted for a combination of 78-liter and 320-liter dry ice storage containers, totaling 60 units. These containers were carefully selected to provide optimal storage and transportation conditions, preserving the integrity and quality of their dry ice products.

Dry ice storage box
dry ice storage box