Why is it better to preserve food with dry ice?

Dry ice is a new type of preservative that is catching fire in the food industry. For example, the preservation of airline food and the preservation of seafood such as lobster and crab in hotels. So why is it better to preserve food with dry ice than with ice cubes?

On the one hand, dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide, which is produced by profeesional dry ice production machine。 Its mass is very light, the weight occupied by the same volume of ice is about 1/18. Therefore, it is very conducive to transport. On the other hand, dry ice does not leave liquid after sublimation, which is much cleaner than freezing with ice, and does not make food wet and spoiled.

At the same time, the carbon dioxide generated by the sublimation of dry ice is denser than air, and the carbon dioxide gas will attach to the surface of food with heavy mass, making the food isolated from oxygen. So using dry ice to preserve food can inhibit the growth of bacteria, slow down the rate of food oxidation, and ensure that fruits, vegetables and seafood products are fresh and do not deteriorate.

Finally, I would like to remind you that although dry ice looks like ice, you should not take or hold it with your bare hands as you would with ordinary ice. Shuliy MAchinery is a famous dry ice mamchine manufacturer in China, if you are intersted in the dry ice production machine, feel free to consult us now!

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