What Factors will influence the dry ice cleaning machine price?

Nowadays, the dry ice cleaning machine is one of the necessary equipment for industrial cleaning. This cleaning machine can quickly and thoroughly remove the dirt from the surface of the object, so as to achieve a fast, efficient, safe and energy-saving cleaning effect.

The dry ice cleaning method has developed rapidly around the world. There is also various industrial cleaning equipment on the market. After understanding the price of dry ice cleaning machines, many manufacturers will feel that the price of dry ice cleaning machines is slightly higher than that of general industrial cleaning machines. What factors lead to the higher dry ice cleaning machine price?

Dry ice cleaning machine
dry ice cleaning machine

High Machine material requirements

Traditional cleaning machines are all washed with water, which is not suitable for precision instruments, and there is still much dirt that cannot be cleaned. But by using dry ice technology, any remaining grime on the surface of the machine can be easily removed.

Because dry ice is minus 78.5 degrees, most parts of the dry ice cleaning machine need to be low temperature resistant. Imported quality and technology are guaranteed, and the price is high.

Better cleaning effect

Good quality machines can truly achieve the effect of non-destructive decontamination. Unlike machines cleaned with water, dry ice cleaning will not produce water stains and bacteria. The dry ice particles will instantly vaporize to generate a strong peeling force, and the dirt will be completely peeled off from the surface of the object, so as to achieve a fast and efficient cleaning effect.


When buying a dry ice cleaning machine, don’t try to buy a machine from a small factory that is cheap. Their technology is immature, the failure rate is high, and after-sales problems must be considered. Now that the investment has been made, it is better to spend a little more money to buy a machine with good quality and reassuring after-sales service.

Dry ice cleaning machines in our factory
dry ice cleaning machines in our factory

Shuliy machinery has produced and sold dry ice machines for many years and has helped many customers make a profit with machines. If you are interested, welcome to consult us.

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