How do you keep dry ice from melting?

The application of dry ice is very wide, it can be used as decoration of dishes in restaurant industry, making smoke with dry ice in hotel and creating stage effect. Also, dry ice can be used to freeze food for easy storage and transportation. However, dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide and is highly volatile, so it is important for companies to store dry ice properly to reduce costs significantly. How do you keep dry ice from melting? We want to share some advice to you.

Dry ice pellets
Dry Ice Is Easily Evaporated

The necessity of preserving dry ice

Those who have used dry ice must know that the dry ice bricks or dry ice pellets that you buy are very full and regular, but the portion will become less after a period of time. Why is this? Is it because the quality of the dry ice purchased is not good?

No, a lot of the reason is that the way we keep the dry ice is not right, which causes the dry ice to evaporate and make them look less. Because dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide, it is easy to lose, volatilize or sublimate, and sublimate into carbon dioxide gas at room temperature, therefore, the volume of dry ice tends to be small especially fast.

Things to keep in mind when storing dry ice

  • Dry ice should not be stored in a well-sealed, small container because it can easily explode. You have to put the dry ice in a place with good air circulation, so that the gas produced by the volatilization of dry ice can be released, which can ensure safety.
  • If you want to minimize the loss of dry ice, you can use a special storage box for dry ice, a good quality dry ice storage box can reduce the loss to very low. If you don’t have a special box for your home, you can use a regular foam box to store dry ice.
  • It is also very important that you try not to cut a complete piece of dry ice into small pieces or pellets, because dry ice cut into small pieces will be easier to sublimate than a whole piece of dry ice.
  • Don’t leave dry ice naked in the freezer. This is because if dry ice is placed directly in the refrigerator or freezer without packaging, the thermostat of the refrigerator will mistakenly think that the temperature is too low and be turned off, which will compromise the life of the refrigerator.
Dry ice heat preservation box
Dry Ice Preservation Box

Dry ice Prezerving advice from Shuliy Machinery

In the process of using dry ice, minimize the number of times you open the dry ice storage box, and wear antifreeze gloves when holding dry ice in your hands to avoid frostbite. After using the dry ice, put the remaining back into the holding tank, it is best to wrap another layer of insulation cotton outside the dry ice. This will help slow down the speed of dry ice sublimation and extend the use of time.