How to solve the dry ice safety concerns?

Because dry ice can be used to keep food fresh, dry ice has been very popular in the food industry in recent years. However, there have always been cases of dry ice hurting people in recent years, which has made many businesses and consumers worry about the safety of dry ice.

The accident caused by dry ice

Citizen Ms. Liu bought an ice cream cake. There were several small icicles in the package. Ms. Liu put it into a mineral water bottle and put it in the refrigerator together with the cake. After a while, there was a sudden loud noise, and it turned out that the door of her refrigerator had been blown open. Only then did she realize that these icicles were not ordinary ice cubes, but dry ice, a large amount of gas released during the sublimation process of dry ice. These dry ice exploded in the airtight environment of a plastic bottle.

Solve quality problems during dry ice production

How to solve the dry ice safety concerns? When producing dry ice for food, a high concentration of carbon dioxide must be used, which is a prerequisite for producing high-quality dry ice. However, there are harmful gases such as sulfur and benzene in carbon dioxide. Before making dry ice, purification is required to remove these impurities and achieve food-grade dry ice. Manufacturers must strictly control product quality and use high-quality raw materials and high-quality dry ice machines.

Increase market supervision

Some fake companies that are not approved by the factory department are also producing dry ice, the quality of these dry ice is not guaranteed, causing consumers to be deceived and endangering consumers’ health. In view of this situation, relevant departments need to increase the supervision and management of the dry ice market.

Enhance general knowledge of dry ice

Dry ice gloves
Dry Ice Gloves

Consumers and businesses who often use dry ice should learn more about some basic common sense. For example, dry ice must never be placed in a small airtight container, because the carbon dioxide generated when the dry ice sublimates cannot be discharged in time, and an explosion will occur. Also, dry ice should not be touched directly by hand. Because its temperature is extremely low, if you hold dry ice directly with your hands, it will cause damage to your skin instantly. You need to wear special gloves when you touch dry ice. A good way to store dry ice is to store the dry ice in a well-ventilated place, allowing the volatilized gas to be released naturally, or put it in a dry ice storage box.