commercial dry ice maker shipped to Russia

Good news! Our customer from Russia chose Shuliy dry ice block maker last month. The customer will use the commercial dry ice maker to produce dry ice blocks and then sell them to the local market. We are very happy to cooperate with the customer.

Why did the customer buy Shuliy dry ice block machine?

One of our customers from Russia has successfully purchased our dry ice block machine. This customer is a buyer of a dry ice company from Russia, who has been looking for the best dry ice machine around the world and found our factory through our official website.

Our sales manager received him with great enthusiasm. In the process of communication with the customer, he felt that our price was relatively high. But the customer felt that we are professional and provide good after-sales service, and after considering with his team, they decided to buy a good quality commercial dry ice maker. Our salesman clarified the customer’s needs and finally gave some preferential measures through in-depth communication with the customer.

After repeated negotiation and deliberation, the customer finally decided to buy our dry ice briquetting machine and was very satisfied with the incentives we offered. Our engineering team started the production of the machine immediately after receiving the customer’s order and provided detailed pre-sales consultation service to ensure the customer had an in-depth understanding of our commercial dry ice maker machine.

Parameters of commercial dry ice maker

These are the main details of the dry ice block maker shipped to Russia for your reference. If you are intersted in the dry ice block maker, welcome to leave your inquiry on our website form.

Dry ice block making machineCapacity: 300kg/h
Total power: 8kw
Equipment weight: 1200KG
210x140x13mm = 0.5 kg
Size of block: 0.5-5kg dry ice block
Cooling containerDimension:108*68*82.4