dry ice blasting cleaning machine for sale

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invest in dry ice blasting cleaning machine

As the use of dry ice becomes more and more extensive, more and more enterprises and companies choose to use dry ice instead of the original materials, and the market for dry ice has been growing year after year.

In addition to the traditional transportation industry gradually beginning to use dry ice to replace the original transportation cold chain, stage production, artificial rainfall, and even dry ice play an important role in medicine.

Dry ice blasting cleaning machine
Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Machine

According to the traditional cold chain, the freezing capacity of dry ice is twice as much as that of ordinary ice. Therefore, the use of dry ice during transportation can greatly save the cost of using ice, and it is comparable to ordinary ice.

Compared with the dry ice market, the entry standard threshold is low, so for enterprises that use dry ice transportation, there is a good profit margin for purchasing activated carbon dioxide or dry ice machines.

Popular dry ice blasting cleaning machine

The dry ice blasting cleaning machine has become increasingly popular as a highly effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution in various industries. Utilizing solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets as the blasting medium, this advanced cleaning technology offers numerous benefits.

In the dry ice blasting process, the solid CO2 pellets are accelerated at high speeds and directed onto the surface to be cleaned. Upon impact, the dry ice pellets rapidly change from solid to gas in a process called sublimation. This phase change creates mini-explosions on the surface, effectively lifting and removing contaminants, residues, and debris without causing damage to the underlying substrate.

Dry ice blasting machine supplier
dry ice blasting machine supplier

How to control the cleaning cost of dry ice blasting cleaning machine?

  1. The price of the dry ice blasting machine.

When cleaning, we first need a dry ice blasting machine. If it is cleaned once or twice a year, we can rent a dry ice blasting machine for dry ice blasting operations, which not only saves time and trouble , and can greatly control the cost of dry ice blasting, resulting in unnecessary waste.

If it is a cleaning company, it is essential to buy a dry ice blasting machine. But when we buy a dry ice blasting machine, we must understand the performance and quality of the machine, and never buy too cheap and cheap dry ice blasting machines and second-hand Dry ice blasting machine, to avoid its cleaning equipment will not be affected and have any failures during use, so it is necessary to check the equipment when purchasing a dry ice blasting machine.

2. The degree of difficulty of the oil stain on the surface of the object to be cleaned.

When we use the dry ice blasting machine, we need to carry out the cleaning operation according to the actual situation of the oil stain on the surface of the object to be cleaned. Any cleaning method is related to the adhesion of the oil stain on the object to be cleaned.

Supportive parts
Supportive Parts

The oil stain is very thick Such as paint, scale, carbon deposits, welding slag and other oily areas are too deep, it is difficult to clean without using a large-scale dry ice blasting machine, and a large dry ice blasting machine is needed to gradually crack the oily stains and separate them layer by layer, so The ice consumption of dry ice will naturally increase due to heat, and the cost will naturally increase.

If the area of the object to be cleaned is small and the adhesion is not strong, we can use a low-power dry ice cleaner, and the consumption of dry ice will decrease. Smaller, the cost is naturally reduced a lot.

3. No need to stop and save time.

Another advantage of dry ice blasting is that there is no need to stop. During the cleaning process, we can perform dry ice cleaning without dismantling the machine, which not only saves the time required for dismantling the machine, but also Can not disassemble the mold, and do not damage the mold, thereby reducing the cost.

If I disassemble the mold frequently, it will not only increase the manpower and material resources of the workers, but also cause damage to the machine during the dismantling process, and use dry ice cleaning, The mold can be cleaned without stopping the machine.