Applications of dry ice blasting machine in the medical industry

In recent years, dry ice cleaning technology has been applied to many fields. Due to its safety, high efficiency, strong cleaning power, and no pollution, dry ice blasting machines are more and more prominent in the medical industry. Let us see how dry ice blasting machine is applied to the medical industry. The technical principle of dry ice blasting … Read more

Why Does Dry Ice Smoke When It Meets Water?

Dry ice and ordinary ice are completely different substances. Dry ice is much cooler than ice. Dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes can be produced in large commercial quantities by professional dry ice machine equipment. The application of dry ice in our lives is also becoming increasingly widespread. When applying dry ice, we will … Read more

Advantages for applying dry ice blaster machine in mold manufacturing

As an emerging technology, dry ice cleaning has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, no damage, no pollution, and environmental protection compared with traditional industrial cleaning processes. Especially in the mold manufacturing industry, the dry ice blaster machine has unique cleaning advantages. Development of dry ice cleaning(blasting) Industrial cleaning, as an engineering technology in the … Read more

What are the differences between dry ice and ice?

Dry ice and ice are two very different substances, and their physical and chemical properties are different. For customers who make and use dry ice, the huge difference between dry ice and ice is especially important. As the year’s dry ice machine manufacturer, we Shuliy machinery can not only provide you the best dry ice … Read more

Application of dry ice pellets in sausage making

The liquid CO2 can be processed into solid CO2 which is also named dry ice with different specifications, such as dry ice blocks, dry ice pellets, dry ice powder and so on. And these dry ice products can be widely used in many processing fields like food production, chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, logistics … Read more

10 reasons why dry ice blasting excels

Dry ice blasting machine is the new and fashionable cleaning method today for cleaning the precious objects and not easy cleaning materials without any pollution. Shuliy dry ice blaster machine mainly has two types. One type uses the dry ice pellets with 3mm diameter as its raw materials. The other type uses the dry ice block … Read more

Three points to pay attention in the dry ice cleaning process

Dry ice cleaning has many advantages that no other cleaning method can match although dry ice cleaning method has many advantages in all aspects, such as the cleaning process does not damage the surface, easy to operate, no pollution, high cleaning efficiency.

Dry ice blasting machine in the automotive beauty industry

Along with the great development of the global industrial, dry ice blasting technology is becoming more and more mature, which has been applied in almost all the fields. Why dry ice blasting machine has such a wide application in cleaning? It is mainly decided by the outstanding features of the dry ice blaster with its fast cleaning speed and … Read more

What are the characteristics of the dry ice block machine?

Nowadays, We all know the new industry cleaning method of dry ice blasting is very popular. However, there is still a lot of people who have no idea of the dry ice, especially for the people who live in some developing countries. Actually, dry ice is the solid carbon dioxide which can be made by the … Read more

How to control the cleaning cost of dry ice blasting machine?

With the dry ice blasting technology matures, a range of dry ice machines and dry ice products are widely used in a variety of industries. In particular, dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes of different specifications can be applied to the food and beverage, refrigeration and industrial cleaning industries. As a manufacturer of dry ice machines, how … Read more

Is dry Ice Blasting Machine/dry ice cleaning expensive?

Dry ice cleaning has been well known, and dry ice washing machines have been widely used in various fields. Many customers will consider that the use of dry ice cleaning technology saves labor and time compared to previous cleaning methods. Is the cost of dry ice cleaning high? The cost of dry ice blasting includes … Read more

Dry ice use precautions

When the carbon dioxide gas is pressurized to about 101,325 Pa at room temperature, when a part of the carbon dioxide vapor is cooled to about -78 ° C, it freezes into a snow-like solid carbon dioxide. Solidified carbon dioxide has a large heat of vaporization, which is 364.5 J/g at -60 ° C. When … Read more

How to choose the right dry ice machine manufacturer?

In recent years, dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning is becoming more and more popular. We Shuliy dry ice machine is also in hot sale and most of our dry ice machines are sold to America, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arab, Italy, and other countries. With the popularity of the dry ice applications, more and more … Read more

Why choose dry ice blasting machine for deep cleaning?

Dry ice blasting also is well known as dry ice cleaning, which is so popular now in many fields, especially in many manufacturing departments. The raw materials of dry ice blasting machine are mainly the dry ice pellets which can be made by the dry ice pelletizer with different diameters. This new cleaning method is quickly expanding … Read more

How much is a pound of dry ice? dry ice machine manufacturer

Dry ice is actually solid carbon dioxide. Dry ice is extremely volatile and sublimates into a non-toxic, odorless gas carbon dioxide that is 600-800 times larger than the solid volume. Therefore, dry ice cannot be stored in a completely sealed and small container, nor can it be mixed with liquid, otherwise it is easy to … Read more

Dry ice blasting FAQ/dry ice blasting machine solutions(1)

Dry ice blasting machine cleans with dry ice pellets shocking and swashing the dirt by the high speed. The solid dry ice pellets become gas state during the shock blasting. The dry ice pellets expand nearly 800 times in less than 0.001 seconds. Finally, the dry ice pellets sublimate and there aren’t any pollutants except … Read more

How to clean mold quickly and efficiently?——Choose dry ice blasting machine

Along with the development of science and technology, the new cleaning method of dry ice blasting in many fields has been widely applied. Dry ice cleaning technology has been approved as a usable cleaning method by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Food and Drug Administration, and the US Department of Agriculture. Wide applications … Read more

What should be paid attention to when purchasing a dry ice machine?

With much experience of dry ice machine manufacturing and cooperation with many foreign customers for more than 10 years, Shuliy machinery has become the professional dry ice machine maker and aims to be the leading brand for dry ice making. During the communication with our customers, we learned that many of them always feel confused … Read more

Why are there many specifications for dry ice?

There are many dry ice specifications on the market. This is because the use of dry ice products is very extensive. To meet the needs of different application fields, dry ice is made into many specifications by the manufacturers, usually in the form of pellets, blocks, and sheets. Users who use it for stage smoke effect production … Read more

What is dry ice?

In recent years, with the progress and maturity of dry ice manufacturing technology, a large number of dry ice products have become an important product with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, especially in food freezing and transportation, hardware parts manufacturing, dry ice cleaning, and many other usages, dry ice products are widely … Read more

How to preserve dry ice blocks and dry ice pellets correctly?

Why does the dry ice blocks become smaller or become directly lost after putting a long time? Is the quality of dry ice bad? The answer is no. As a matter of fact, your dry ice storage is not correct. Dry ice is extremely volatile, and if it is not properly stored, the amount of … Read more

What are the main advantages of dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning is a new cleaning method of the modern industry, which especially has an important influence on precision machinery and mold manufacturing. Dry ice cleaning methods have developed rapidly worldwide in recent years. The dry ice cleaning system sprays dry ice particles from the dry ice blasting machine onto the surface of the object to be … Read more

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