What is the dry ice machine price?

Dry ice machine price

The widespread application of dry ice has promoted the application of dry ice machines. Therefore, dry ice machines are widely welcomed. So what about the dry ice machine price?

Dry ice pellets vs blocks

Dry ice pellets vs blocks

Dry ice has a wide range of uses. Do you know the two states of dry ice:dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes? What are the similarities and differences between them?

Green and environmentally friendly cleaning method–dry ice cleaning

What is dry ice cleaning? There are many cleaning methods, such as physical cleaning, chemical cleaning, etc., which are commonly used by people, but they are not suitable for confidential instruments. This is because if confidential instruments are cleaned in these ways, new cleaning waste will be formed, which will increase the work intensity for … Read more

shuliy Machinery dry ice blasting machine has many Advantages

In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial technology, traditional cleaning methods cannot quickly solve cleaning problems, and Shuliy dry ice blasting machies are new cutting-edge cleaning equipment born under the rapid development of traditional cleaning, and can be used in automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, etc. The use efficiency of the machine is high, … Read more

Shuliy machinery Teach you how to store dry ice

After the dry ice made by the dry ice block making machne, dry ice should be placed in a dry ice heat preservation box during storage. To store dry ice, you need to use a special storage box, but there is still loss. A good storage box can reduce the loss to 6‰. But the … Read more

Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Shipped to Saudi Arabia for Car Washing Center

Dry ice cleaning machine are increasingly used in all aspects of social life, so many investors and distributors have begun to purchase commercial dry ice blasters. The dry ice machine developed and manufactured by our factory has been well received by the market, so we often accept various international orders. Recently, we exported a small dry ice cleaning machine and dry ice incubator to a car washing center in Saudi Arabia.

What to pay attention to when transporting with dry ice?

Dry ice is solidified CO2, its melting point is -78.5 ℃, and the surrounding temperature will be reduced to about 20 ℃ when it is volatilized. Therefore, it is easy to sublimate in daily storage, which causes dry ice to become smaller and cause losses. Therefore, a special dry ice storage box must be used for dry … Read more

The relationship between sample transport and dry ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which is easy to volatilize at normal temperatures, so storage and transportation of dry ice are very important. There is a strong connection between sample transport and dry ice. Sample transportation is an important part to ensure sample quality. When using dry ice transportation, different shapes of dry ice are … Read more

How is the dry ice cleaning machine applied to the PET mold industry?

High-quality products are inseparable from regular mold cleaning and maintenance. Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine can quickly and deeply clean all kinds of molds and equipment without using chemical solvents at all and without causing secondary pollution. So, how is dry ice blasting applied to the PET mold industry? Why is the dry ice cleaning so popular now? Dry … Read more

100KG/H Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine Was Shipped to America

With the great development of science and technology of the manufacturing industry of China, more and more high-quality machines were shipped to many oversea countries. We Shuliy machinery as the leading manufacturer of dry ice processing machines, has supported hundreds of dry ice machines for many countries in recent years. Last week, we shipped one set … Read more

5 Special Uses for Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice granules with different specifications have different uses. In addition to dry ice cleaning in the manufacturing industry and cold chain transportation of the food processing fields, dry ice pellets still have many other special uses. Here, Shuliy dry ice machinery will share interesting and practical dry ice knowledge for you.

Applications of dry ice blasting machine in the medical industry

In recent years, dry ice cleaning technology has been applied to many fields. Due to its safety, high efficiency, strong cleaning power, and no pollution, dry ice blasting machines are more and more prominent in the medical industry. Let us see how dry ice blasting machine is applied to the medical industry. The technical principle of dry ice blasting … Read more

Why Does Dry Ice Smoke When It Meets Water?

Dry ice and ordinary ice are completely different substances. Dry ice is much cooler than ice. Dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes can be produced in large commercial quantities by professional dry ice machine equipment. The application of dry ice in our lives is also becoming increasingly widespread. When applying dry ice, we will … Read more

Advantages for applying dry ice blaster machine in mold manufacturing

As an emerging technology, dry ice cleaning has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, no damage, no pollution, and environmental protection compared with traditional industrial cleaning processes. Especially in the mold manufacturing industry, the dry ice blaster machine has unique cleaning advantages. Development of dry ice cleaning(blasting) Industrial cleaning, as an engineering technology in the … Read more

What are the differences between dry ice and ice?

Dry ice and ice are two very different substances, and their physical and chemical properties are different. For customers who make and use dry ice, the huge difference between dry ice and ice is especially important. As the year’s dry ice machine manufacturer, we Shuliy machinery can not only provide you the best dry ice … Read more

Application of dry ice pellets in sausage making

The liquid CO2 can be processed into solid CO2 which is also named dry ice with different specifications, such as dry ice blocks, dry ice pellets, dry ice powder and so on. And these dry ice products can be widely used in many processing fields like food production, chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, logistics … Read more

10 reasons why dry ice blasting excels

Dry ice blasting machine is the new and fashionable cleaning method today for cleaning the precious objects and not easy cleaning materials without any pollution. Shuliy dry ice blaster machine mainly has two types. One type uses the dry ice pellets with 3mm diameter as its raw materials. The other type uses the dry ice block … Read more

Three points to pay attention in the dry ice cleaning process

Dry ice cleaning has many advantages that no other cleaning method can match although dry ice cleaning method has many advantages in all aspects, such as the cleaning process does not damage the surface, easy to operate, no pollution, high cleaning efficiency.

Dry ice blasting machine in the automotive beauty industry

Along with the great development of the global industrial, dry ice blasting technology is becoming more and more mature, which has been applied in almost all the fields. Why dry ice blasting machine has such a wide application in cleaning? It is mainly decided by the outstanding features of the dry ice blaster with its fast cleaning speed and … Read more

What are the characteristics of the dry ice block machine?

Nowadays, We all know the new industry cleaning method of dry ice blasting is very popular. However, there is still a lot of people who have no idea of the dry ice, especially for the people who live in some developing countries. Actually, dry ice is the solid carbon dioxide which can be made by the … Read more

How to control the cleaning cost of dry ice blasting machine?

With the dry ice blasting technology matures, a range of dry ice machines and dry ice products are widely used in a variety of industries. In particular, dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes of different specifications can be applied to the food and beverage, refrigeration and industrial cleaning industries. As a manufacturer of dry ice machines, how … Read more

Is dry Ice Blasting Machine/dry ice cleaning expensive?

Dry ice cleaning has been well known, and dry ice washing machines have been widely used in various fields. Many customers will consider that the use of dry ice cleaning technology saves labor and time compared to previous cleaning methods. Is the cost of dry ice cleaning high? The cost of dry ice blasting includes … Read more

Dry ice use precautions

When the carbon dioxide gas is pressurized to about 101,325 Pa at room temperature, when a part of the carbon dioxide vapor is cooled to about -78 ° C, it freezes into a snow-like solid carbon dioxide. Solidified carbon dioxide has a large heat of vaporization, which is 364.5 J/g at -60 ° C. When … Read more

How to choose the right dry ice machine manufacturer?

In recent years, dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning is becoming more and more popular. We Shuliy dry ice machine is also in hot sale and most of our dry ice machines are sold to America, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arab, Italy, and other countries. With the popularity of the dry ice applications, more and more … Read more

Why choose dry ice blasting machine for deep cleaning?

Dry ice blasting also is well known as dry ice cleaning, which is so popular now in many fields, especially in many manufacturing departments. The raw materials of dry ice blasting machine are mainly the dry ice pellets which can be made by the dry ice pelletizer with different diameters. This new cleaning method is quickly expanding … Read more

How much is a pound of dry ice? dry ice machine manufacturer

Dry ice is actually solid carbon dioxide. Dry ice is extremely volatile and sublimates into a non-toxic, odorless gas carbon dioxide that is 600-800 times larger than the solid volume. Therefore, dry ice cannot be stored in a completely sealed and small container, nor can it be mixed with liquid, otherwise it is easy to … Read more