How much is a pound of dry ice? dry ice machine manufacturer

Dry ice is actually solid carbon dioxide. Dry ice is extremely volatile and sublimates into a non-toxic, odorless gas carbon dioxide that is 600-800 times larger than the solid volume. Therefore, dry ice cannot be stored in a completely sealed and small container, nor can it be mixed with liquid, otherwise it is easy to explode. Shuliy dry ice machine mainly can be divided into 3 kinds: dry ice block machine, dry ice pellets making machine and the dry ice blasting machine, which are very efficient for making dry ice products with different specifications.


How much is a pound of dry ice? 

Many people ask how much a pound of retail dry ice, in fact, when buying dry ice, dry ice manufacturers generally sell in kilograms, which is the meaning of a pound of dry ice, but some dry ice dealers use a box of dry ice as the unit to calculate the price. The average dry ice merchant will not sell only one kilogram of dry ice at a time, because dry ice is easy to wear out, and the amount of purchase is too small. Why does dry ice have to be sold in kilograms? Dry ice is a relatively heavy thing and is small in size, so dry ice is usually small in size.


The shape of the dry ice is mainly granules and blocks, because the dry ice is made into these two shapes, and it is convenient to use and operate. When two consumers buy, they usually buy a lot at a time, not just buying a little, because dry ice will quickly evaporate. There are also some businesses that sell dry ice in small bags for sale. A bag of dry ice is about 500 grams or 1000 grams. The price of different types of dry ice is different, because dry ice can be divided into food grade, industrial grade, and medical grade, and the price varies greatly.

The reasons for different prices of dry ice pellets or dry ice blocks

The higher the purity of dry ice, the better the quality, the higher the price of retail dry ice and the wholesale price of dry ice is directly related to the amount of dry ice. In addition, the specifications of dry ice are different, the production cost is different, and the price is different. Therefore, if you are going to buy the dry ice pellets or dry ice blocks, you should make sure which kind of dry ice you want and how many you need. Especially for dry ice blasting, you should buy the dry ice pellets or you can buy dry ice pellets making machine to make dry ice pellets. For the model of SL-XH3 for dry ice blasting, you may need the dry ice block machine to make dry ice blocks.