Dry ice pellets vs blocks

Dry ice refers to solid carbon dioxide. Dry ice is liquefied into a colorless liquid through professional dry ice production equipment under pressure of 6250.5498 kPa. It is then quickly solidified under low pressure. When using dry ice, dry ice does not generate new carbon dioxide. Only the original carbon dioxide is released. Therefore, dry ice is carbon-neutral and will not pollute the environment. At present, dry ice has been widely used in mold cleaning, electricity, food, pharmaceuticals, cold chain transportation, stage, etc.

How is dry ice produced?

The raw material of dry ice is liquid carbon dioxide. And carbon dioxide is a by-product produced in the industrial production process. The carbon dioxide produced in industrial production can be purified, hydraulically, and stored to produce dry ice. In particular, modern commerce has produced a machine that specializes in making dry ice, that is, a dry ice machine. The dry ice-making machine only needs to put liquid carbon dioxide into the machine to automatically produce dry ice. The shapes of dry ice produced are mainly granular and lumpy.

Two forms of dry ice: dry ice cubes, pellets

There are two types of machines for producing dry ice, one is for dry ice cubes, and the other is for dry ice pellets. The dry ice block production machine can process liquid carbon dioxide into block-shaped dry ice. Block dry ice has a large volume, weighing about 250g~500kg, and it is not easy to melt. Therefore, block dry ice is usually used for long-term cold chain transportation.

Dry ice cubes making machine
Dry Ice Cubes Making Machine

The production range of granular dry ice is 3~19mm, and the volume is small. Therefore, granular dry ice is generally used for catering, cleaning, heat preservation, stage atmosphere rendering, and other purposes.

Dry ice pellet machine
Dry Ice Pellet Machine

Similarities and differences between dry ice cubes and pellets


Both dry ice cubes and pellets are made from the same raw material, liquid carbon dioxide. They are harmless to the environment and all have the characteristics of cold storage.


The two different forms of dry ice are made by different machines. A dry ice pellet machine is specially used to make pelletized dry ice. The dry ice cubes are made by a special dry ice cube maker. The two forms of dry ice also have different sizes. And this difference in size makes their use slightly different. Compared with block dry ice, granular dry ice has better volatility. Therefore, granular dry ice is also widely used for cleaning.