Why Does Dry Ice Smoke When It Meets Water?

Dry ice and ordinary ice are completely different substances. Dry ice is much cooler than ice. Dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes can be produced in large commercial quantities by professional dry ice machine equipment. The application of dry ice in our lives is also becoming increasingly widespread. When applying dry ice, we will find a phenomenon that dry ice produces smoke when it encounters water. Why is this?

Does dry ice produce smoke?

Why does dry ice smoke when it meets water? It is worth noting here that the “smoke” of dry ice when heated is a physical reaction, not a chemical reaction; and that is not smoke, but fog. Because the temperature of dry ice is lower than that of ordinary water ice, the temperature difference from the surrounding area is large, and fog is generated.

Dry ice pellets applications
dry ice pellets applications

This principle is the same as sulking in winter. If we look closely, we can see that the fog generated by dry ice is downward. This is mainly because cold air is down and hot air is up. The light smoke from the cocktail is also said to be made with dry ice pellets. The smoke on the performance stage looked very mysterious, and it was also made of dry ice. But why does dry ice smoke? Today we come to reveal the secret of this science, how exactly this wonderful smoke is made from dry ice.

The reasons for dry ice smoking

Because dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, the temperature is -78.5 ° C. When it changes from a solid to a gas and sublimates sharply, the temperature of the surrounding air will drop rapidly. At this time, the solubility of water becomes small, so the water vapor in the nearby air is condensed into countless small droplets, which is fog. This is why a white mist is created around the dry ice. 

Production of dry ice pellets
production of dry ice pellets

Dry ice produces white mist and cold drinks in the summer smoke. Dry ice can produce smog. Obviously, the temperature causes sublimation of dry ice, not caused by mixing with water vapor. When we pour boiled water on dry ice cubes, the effect of these white mists will be more obvious. If we blow dry ice with hot air, it will immediately produce a white fog effect, just like a fairyland.

This method is commonly used on the performance stage to create a cloud fog effect, so the stage dry ice machine is also produced. Shuliy machinery can not only manufacture and provide all kinds of dry ice pelletizer machines, dry ice briquetting machines, dry ice blasting machines, but also a series of dry ice incubators with different specifications.