Is dry Ice Blasting Machine/dry ice cleaning expensive?

Dry ice cleaning has been well known, and dry ice washing machines have been widely used in various fields. Many customers will consider that the use of dry ice cleaning technology saves labor and time compared to previous cleaning methods. Is the cost of dry ice cleaning high?

Dry ice blasting
dry ice blasting

The cost of dry ice blasting includes the following aspects:

  1. First, you need to buy or rent a dry ice cleaning equipment according to your needs.
  2. The amount of dirt and difficulty of the object to be cleaned also affects the cost of dry ice cleaning. For objects with thick dirt and large dirt coverage, the requirements for dry ice cleaner power will increase, so the cost will increase accordingly.
  3. The selection of dry ice specifications during cleaning will also affect the cost. The price of dry ice powder is low, but the consumption is large. The cleaning effect of 3mm dry ice is the most suitable for cleaning.
Dry ice cleaning in clothing
dry ice cleaning in clothing

Dry ice blasting principle

1. Thermal shock: the temperature difference between the contaminant and the surface of the object (-79 ° C cold impact), the surface of the dirt is quickly cooled to -79 ° C by dry ice particles, resulting in frozen and embrittled dirt, and adhesion to the surface being cleaned a sharp decline.

Dry ice blasting effects
dry ice blasting effects

2. Mechanical kinetic energy: Dry ice particles impact the surface of the dirt at high speed. Usually, the speed of dry ice exceeds the speed of sound. Dry ice pellets have a low hardness at high speeds (Mohs scale of 2) and do not damage the surface of the object being cleaned.

3. Physical Sublimation: Dry ice particles sublime upon contact with the surface to be cleaned, the dry ice will change from solid to gaseous. The volume of dry ice pellets is increased by 800 times during the dry ice cleaning. This explosion does not destroy the surface being cleaned, but the dirt is removed by being blown away. The dry ice particles carry away the contaminants and cause them to fall off the surface of the object without damaging the surface. The entire process does not produce water and does not require chemicals.