How is the dry ice cleaning machine applied to the PET mold industry?

High-quality products are inseparable from regular mold cleaning and maintenance. Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine can quickly and deeply clean all kinds of molds and equipment without using chemical solvents at all and without causing secondary pollution. So, how is dry ice blasting applied to the PET mold industry?

Why is the dry ice cleaning so popular now?

Dry ice blast cleaning, also known as cold spray, uses compressed air as the power and carrier, and uses dry ice particles as accelerated particles. It is sprayed onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by a special dry ice blasting machine.

The momentum of solid dry ice pellets that move at high speed changes (Δmv), sublimation, melting and other energy conversion, the dirt, oil stains, residual impurities, etc. on the surface of the object to be cleaned are quickly frozen, so as to condense, embrittle, and be peeled off, and at the same time it is removed with the airflow.

Dry ice blasting machine workshop
dry ice blasting machine workshop

The dry ice cleaning will not cause any damage to the surface of the object being cleaned, especially the metal surface, nor will it affect the surface finish of the metal.

Dry ice cleaning and PET mold manufacturing

It takes several hours to clean the 144 holes by the traditional manual cleaning method. If you need to remove the mold for cleaning, it may even take several days. It can only clean the mold lip and mold core, and cannot clean the exhaust hole and mold cavity.

The Shuliy dry ice blaster machine is used to clean the PET molds, and the hot molds can be cleaned directly without cooling. The cleaning time only takes about 25 minutes, which can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency.

The dry ice cleaning method can be used to quickly remove the stains on the mold lip, vent hole, mold core and cavity without any damage to the mold. This can greatly save cleaning time, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. And the cleaning effect can be greatly improved, and the yield is improved.