Singapore customer purchased Shuliy dry ice blaster/dry ice blasting machine

The dry ice blasting machine which was bought by one Singapore customer last weekend was shipped yesterday. The dry ice blaster he bought is the model SL-750 which has a bigger working capacity than the model SL-550. Model SL-750 is the biggest type of dry ice blasting machine, which needs a larger motor power with 0.75kw and larger air consumption with 3-6 m³/min. Its dry ice pellets’ diameter is 1-4mm.

Advantages of the dry ice blaster machine

Dry ice cleaner
Dry Ice Blaster
Dry ice cleaning machine 1
Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

This model of dry ice blaster has larger dry ice consumption, hopper capacity, overall dimension, and weight so that this model has a higher working capacity and it can work continuously for large areas of cleaning work, especially for all kinds of assembly lines of the factory production workshop.

Dry ice blasting machine 1
dry ice blasting machine

This Singapore customer didn’t visit our dry ice machine factory, he watched the working video of this dry ice blasting machine and received all the details including the technical parameters and quotation from our sales consultant before he gave us the order. He was satisfied with the working effect of the dry ice cleaning machine and our timely answers.

Why choose the dry ice blasting machine?

Accessories of the dry ice blaster
Accessories Of The Dry Ice Blaster
Dry ice blaster
Dry Ice Machine

He mainly wants to use the dry ice blasting for removing the thick dust of his workshop including the engine, shells of the equipment and the rusts of the machines. He said this dry ice blaster will do a lot of help when he bought it. He said this new cleaning method is a great improvement for industrial cleaning and many people are trying this way in his country.

The dry ice blasting machine, as well as the spare parts like the air inlet hose, dry ice blast hose and a whole set of dry ice eject applicators, were well packed in the container and shipped to this Singapore customer. We hope he would be happy about the working of this dry ice blaster and hear good feedback from him.