How to control the cleaning cost of dry ice blasting machine?

With the dry ice blasting technology matures, a range of dry ice machines and dry ice products are widely used in a variety of industries. In particular, dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes of different specifications can be applied to the food and beverage, refrigeration and industrial cleaning industries.

Dry ice machine factory display
dry ice machine factory display

As a manufacturer of dry ice machines, how to reduce the failure rate of dry ice machines and extend the life of the machine is the most important. However, for customers who purchase dry ice machines, how to reduce the cost of dry ice production is also very important.

High-efficiency dry ice blasting machine for sale

Dry ice blasting machine suppliers should not only produce high-quality dry ice machines but also should calculate the cleaning costs and comprehensive considerations for customers who purchase dry ice blaster, to provide customers with the most reasonable dry ice machine, in order to ensure that the cost of cleaning meets the market tendency.

Besides, doing a good job in dry ice blasting cost accounting is not only conducive to suppliers to lower prices, but also allows customers to feel the benefits, it can be described as a multi-pronged. So how do we control the cost of dry ice cleaning?

How to control the dry ice blasting costs?

1.The dry ice blasting machine price.

When we are doing dry ice cleaning, we first need a dry ice blaster. If you clean it once or twice a year, you can rent a dry ice blasting machine for dry ice cleaning, which not only saves time and trouble but also greatly controls the cost of dry ice cleaning.

Dry ice cleaning in removing paint
dry ice cleaning in removing paint

If the customer is specialized in dry ice blasting, it is essential to buy a dry ice cleaner. However, when purchasing a dry ice blaster, customers must understand the performance and quality of the machine. You shouldn’t just buy a cheap dry ice blaster or the second-hand dry ice blasting machine to prevent dry ice cleaning equipment from being affected and malfunctioning during use.

2. The dry ice size required for dry ice blasting.

Dry ice cleaning in clothing
dry ice cleaning in clothing

The size of dry ice is a factor that directly affects the cost of dry ice cleaning. Because dry ice can be divided into a variety of sizes, there are dry ice powder, dry ice granules and dry ice blocks. Although powdery dry ice is much cheaper on the market than other dry ice products, because it is powdery, its volatilization is large, and its cleaning effect is not ideal.

Generally, we use granular dry ice (also called cleaning dry ice) for dry ice blasting because of its high density, low volatilization, large yield, and good cleaning effect. The use of small particle dry ice cleaning not only has a good cleaning effect but also saves the cost of dry ice blasting and reduces the cost of cleaning.