What are the characteristics of the dry ice block machine?

Nowadays, We all know the new industry cleaning method of dry ice blasting is very popular. However, there is still a lot of people who have no idea of the dry ice, especially for the people who live in some developing countries.

Dry ice blocks making
dry ice blocks making

Actually, dry ice is the solid carbon dioxide which can be made by the dry ice machine, and it can be many specifications, like dry ice powder, dry ice pellets with different diameters and dry ice blocks with different thicknesses.

How to make dry ice blocks for food keeping?

Shuliy dry ice block machine mainly has 8 models which are different in the working capacity and the dry ice block size. The output of the dry ice block machine ranges from 120kg/h to 1000kg/h, and the size and shape of dry ice blocks can be adjusted according to the model of the dry ice machine, and the larger the output of the dry ice block machine, the larger its size will be.

Dry ice blocks
dry ice blocks

Especially, the thickness of the dry ice blocks can be adjusted according to different requirements. Usually, the dry ice blocks are used for refrigerating food and preservation and transportation for seafood, so that its size should be flexible to be adjusted to suit different containing spaces.

The main characteristics of the dry ice block machine

Shape: The shape is like a brick.

Color: snow white solid

Density: density above 1.6

Temperature: minus 78.5 degrees Celsius

Specifications: can be customized

Dry ice blocks making machine
dry ice blocks making machine

Dry ice blocks are not easy to sublimate and can be widely used in transportation to maintain the freezing or low-temperature state of objects or food. The production efficiency of the block dry ice is high with large hourly output.

Besides, the dry ice block quality is high, and its economic benefit is very good. Welcome to inquire us for more detailed information about the dry ice machine and dry ice production.