10 reasons why dry ice blasting excels

Dry ice blasting machine is the new and fashionable cleaning method today for cleaning the precious objects and not easy cleaning materials without any pollution. Shuliy dry ice blaster machine mainly has two types. One type uses the dry ice pellets with 3mm diameter as its raw materials. The other type uses the dry ice block as the raw materials for dry ice cleaning.


Dry ice pellets and dry ice blocks can be made by our other dry ice machines. The dry ice blasting machine has wide applications for cleaning nearly all fields, especially the industry aspect. Dry ice blaster can clean molds, engine system, and other precision machinery which is not easy to clean.

Dry ice blasting machine for sale


Here are 10 reasons why dry ice cleaning is superior:

  1. Excellent cleaning effect: shorter cleaning cycle, that is shorter downtime.
  2. The dry ice blasting machine can be cleaned right on the spot: dry ice cleaning is a drying process, so there is no need to disassemble or reassemble, this means shorter downtime.
  3. Faster cleaning speed: fewer resources are required, so one can get a longer run time and more profit.
  4. Wear-free, non-flammable and non-conductive: dry ice cleaning does no damage to most substrates, it can be used safely for electrical components.
  5. There is no need to clean the secondary waste: this not only avoids additional cleanup work and costs but also the temporary exclusion zones can be put back into use, this further saved cost.
  6. It can clean very narrow space that cannot be cleaned by many other ways. 
  7. No damage to the environment: it meets USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines.
  8. Operator safety: no exposure to chemicals or sand medium.
  9. Operator efficiency: the workload is lower than traditional cleaning methods.
  10. Clean enough for the food industry and effective enough for other industries.

To choose the dry ice machine for making dry ice products

Keep in mind that dry ice cleaning does not use abrasive material for cleaning and will not damage the objects’ surface. The above points are the top 10 advantages of dry ice blasting, please contact us for the detailed information if you are interested in buying it or have any questions about the dry ice blaster.