200KG/h dry ice pelletizer exported to America

Dry ice particles are mainly solid particles made by the compression of liquid carbon dioxide. The temperature of dry ice particles is usually very low, and it is often used for refrigeration and preservation of various items. Recently, we exported a dry ice pelletizer machine with an output of 200kg/h to the United States. The American customer mainly uses the dry ice pellet machine to produce dry ice pellets for cold chain transportation.

The working principle of dry ice granulation

At room temperature, when the carbon dioxide gas is pressurized to about 101325Pa when a part of the vapor is cooled to about -56°C, it will freeze into solid carbon dioxide. The heat of gasification of solid carbon dioxide is very large, 364.5J/g at -60℃. When gasified under normal pressure, the surrounding temperature can be reduced to about -78℃, and no liquid will be produced, so it is called “dry ice”.

The dry ice medium used in dry ice blast cleaning is made by a dry ice pelletizer to produce solid dry ice particles. These dry ice pellets can be used immediately or stored in an incubator for later use. These particles are usually 3mm in diameter and 2.5mm-10mm in length. In this way, high-pressure liquid CO₂ is sprayed out of the pipeline and converted into snow-like solid CO₂, and snow-like CO₂ is extruded into dry ice pellets through the die by hydraulic pressure.

Main functions of commercial dry ice pelletizer machine

The dry ice pelletizer machine is mainly to make dry ice pellets with different diameters, which range from 3mm to 19mm. The dry ice pellets made by the dry ice pelletizer can be widely used in food keeping and dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning. Especially the 3mm dry ice pellets are always be used in the dry ice blasting machine for cleaning mold, engine system, and other precision machinery not easy to clean.

Applications of dry ice pellets

Granular dry ice is usually used in tire companies, printing companies, engine maintenance companies, and other industries, mainly as a raw material for dry ice blast cleaning. In addition, dry ice particles are also widely used in refrigerated transportation, catering, and entertainment industries.

Details of the America dry ice pelletizer order

This American customer is mainly engaged in the pharmaceutical processing industry. Many of the medicaments produced in their factory need to be stored at low temperatures. Therefore, they need a large number of dry ice particles as a cold storage medium. Consider the high cost of directly purchasing dry ice pellets. The customer decided to purchase a commercial dry ice pelletizer for his company.

200kg/h dry ice pellet machine parameters

Model: SL-200-1
Voltage: 220v, 60hz, Three-phase
Power: 11kw
Weight: 1300kg
Required pellet size: 3mm
Dimension: 270*110*180cm