How much does dry ice blasting cost?

Dry ice cleaning technology is a new decontamination technology, and the raw material is solid carbon dioxide. A key issue of whether dry ice cleaning can replace traditional cleaning is the cost issue, which is bound to be related to the consumption of raw materials, the price of dry ice cleaning machines and other cost issues. In addition, the process cost of any cleaning process is related to many factors, such as different cleaning precision requirements, different cleaning conditions, etc. Let’s take a look today at what costing dry ice blasting needs to consider.

Dry ice blasting machine cost

First of all, dry ice cleaning machines are essential, so first of all, consider the cost of investing in a machine. If you don’t use it much or clean few objects, choosing a rental cleaning service is a good choice. If you decide to buy the machine, it is recommended that you consult a few more, and it is best if you can go to the factory to test the machine and choose one with good quality. This will also reduce maintenance costs and management costs later, so do not figure cheap, good quality machine is the most important.

Dry ice blaster
Dry Ice Blaster

Difficulty of cleaning

The difficulty of cleaning will also influence the cost of dry ice blasting. The cost of any cleaning method is related to the cleanliness of the object being cleaned and the accuracy of the cleaning.

Moreover, the consumption of dry ice and cleaning precision is closely related. For example, especially thick and strong adhesion of oil, scale, paint, etc., cleaning them requires deep freezing and effective impact, so that the dirt gradually disappears, which will increase the amount of dry ice use, air pressure will also increase, requiring high-powered dry ice cleaning machine. But for the case of not much dirt can use low pressure cleaning, the amount of ice will also be much less.

Dry ice specifications

The cost of dry ice powder is very low but the cleaning effect is not good. Nowadays, people use dry ice pellets to clean objects, the technology of producing dry ice pellets is very mature. Shuliy dry ice pellet making machine can meet all the requirements of dry ice pellet. High-density dry ice pellets are very durable and use very few dry ice pellets to achieve the same effect as dry ice powder.


How much does dry ice blasting cost? The related factors include the dry ice blasting machine cost, dry ice specifications, state to be reached and so on. Take these factors into consideration to determine whether dry ice blasting is expensive. In addition, an experienced operator will save the cost of dry ice blasting.