Dry ice cleaner for car cleaning sold to America

With Shuliy’s dry ice cleaner and dry ice pelletizer in operation, our American client witnessed a transformation in their car cleaning services. The use of dry ice cleaning technology not only enhanced the quality of their services but also contributed to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Shuliy Factory takes pride in providing not just machines but comprehensive solutions. Our dry ice cleaner machines are built with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. The SL-40 and SL-50 models reflect our commitment to empowering businesses with the tools they need to thrive.

Dry ice cleaning machine of shuliy
dry ice cleaning machine of Shuliy

Client’s Profile for Dry Ice Cleaner Machine

Our esteemed client, a prominent figure in the local automotive aesthetics sector, desired a good solution for car cleaning. Focused on tackling the most stubborn stains in areas like engines and tires, they approached Shuliy Factory in pursuit of a cutting-edge dry ice cleaner machine.

Shuliy’s Solution For Dry Ice Car Cleaning in America

Understanding the unique needs of our client, Shuliy Factory recommended the SL-40 model – a compact and efficient dry ice cleaner perfectly tailored for automotive applications. The SL-40 is designed to provide powerful and precise cleaning, making it an ideal choice for addressing the challenges posed by engine bays and heavily soiled tire areas.

To ensure our client had the versatility needed for diverse cleaning requirements, Shuliy Factory also suggested a range of cleaning nozzles suitable for different areas of a car. This thoughtful customization empowers our clients to deliver top-notch cleaning results across various surfaces, leaving cars looking pristine and revitalized.

Dry ice machines for sale
dry ice machines for sale

Addressing Cost Concerns for Dry Ice Cleaning Car

Recognizing the cost considerations associated with purchasing dry ice pellets, our client decided to further optimize their operations.

In addition to the dry ice cleaner machine, they also ordered the SL-50, Shuliy’s smallest dry ice pelletizer model, with a production capacity of approximately 50kg/h.

This strategic move allowed them to produce their own dry ice pellets in-house, reducing operational costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Shuliy Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment for sale

Shuliy Factory is honored to have played a pivotal role in shaping the success story of our American client. As they continue to revolutionize car cleaning standards, we stand ready to support businesses worldwide with our innovative and reliable dry ice cleaning equipment.

Elevate your cleaning business with Shuliy – where innovation meets excellence. Contact us today to explore the possibilities with our cutting-edge dry ice cleaner machines and pelletizers.

Small dry ice cleaner and pelletizer
small dry ice cleaner and pelletizer