Dry Ice Blaster and Pelletizer for an Iraqi Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

With the acquisition of a dry ice blaster and pelletizer, the Iraqi industrial equipment manufacturer found a reliable and efficient solution to their cleaning challenges. This investment not only improved the quality of their products but also reduced operational costs, making their manufacturing processes more sustainable. The successful collaboration between the client and Shuliy Factory demonstrates the value of tailored solutions in addressing unique industrial needs.

Why choose dry ice cleaning for equipment manufacturing?

In a region known for its vast industrial landscape, an Iraqi industrial equipment manufacturer was faced with the challenge of maintaining the quality of their products.

Their extensive operations involved the production of industrial equipment that often required meticulous cleaning to eliminate burrs and surface imperfections in molds.

Additionally, due to the rigors of long-term usage, their equipment surfaces were plagued with stubborn oil residues, dust, and paint splatters. Seeking an effective and eco-friendly solution, the client turned to dry ice cleaning.

Dry Ice Cleaning Effect

The Dilemma for Dry Ice Pellets Sourcing

Upon learning about the advantages of dry ice blasting, the Iraqi client recognized its potential to streamline their cleaning processes. However, the costs associated with procuring dry ice pellets for their dry ice blaster over the long term were deemed prohibitive.

The Comprehensive Solution of Dry Ice Blaster and Pelletizer

To address this issue and provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution, the client opted to purchase both a dry ice blaster and a dry ice pelletizer. This dual setup allowed them to manufacture their dry ice pellets on-site, thereby significantly reducing operational costs. The dry ice pelletizer would serve as a reliable source of the raw material needed for the dry ice blaster, making the entire cleaning process more efficient and economical.

Dry ice blaster and pelletizer for iraq
dry ice blaster and pelletizer for Iraq

The Partnership with Shuliy Factory

The client approached Shuliy Factory, a leading manufacturer of dry ice machines, with their specific needs. After a thorough assessment of the client’s requirements and budget, Shuliy Factory proposed a tailored and cost-effective solution that included both the dry ice blaster and a compact dry ice pelletizer. The proposal aligned perfectly with the client’s goal of achieving efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Impressed by the comprehensive proposal and recognizing the long-term benefits, the Iraqi client decided to place an order with Shuliy Factory for the dry ice blaster and pelletizer. In addition to the machinery, Shuliy Factory provided extra cleaning machine nozzles, ensuring the client had the necessary replacement parts to maintain uninterrupted operations.

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