5 Special Uses for Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice granules with different specifications have different uses. In addition to dry ice cleaning in the manufacturing industry and cold chain transportation of the food processing fields, dry ice pellets still have many other special uses. Here, Shuliy dry ice machinery will share interesting and practical dry ice knowledge for you.

Why Does Dry Ice Smoke When It Meets Water?

Dry ice and ordinary ice are completely different substances. Dry ice is much cooler than ice. Dry ice pellets and dry ice cubes can be produced in large commercial quantities by professional dry ice machine equipment. The application of dry ice in our lives is also becoming increasingly widespread. When applying dry ice, we will … Read more

Application of dry ice pellets in sausage making

The liquid CO2 can be processed into solid CO2 which is also named dry ice with different specifications, such as dry ice blocks, dry ice pellets, dry ice powder and so on. And these dry ice products can be widely used in many processing fields like food production, chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, logistics … Read more

Dry ice use precautions

When the carbon dioxide gas is pressurized to about 101,325 Pa at room temperature, when a part of the carbon dioxide vapor is cooled to about -78 ° C, it freezes into a snow-like solid carbon dioxide. Solidified carbon dioxide has a large heat of vaporization, which is 364.5 J/g at -60 ° C. When … Read more