The relationship between sample transport and dry ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which is easy to volatilize at normal temperatures, so storage and transportation of dry ice are very important. There is a strong connection between sample transport and dry ice. Sample transportation is an important part to ensure sample quality. When using dry ice transportation, different shapes of dry ice are … Read more

100KG/H Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine Was Shipped to America

With the great development of science and technology of the manufacturing industry of China, more and more high-quality machines were shipped to many oversea countries. We Shuliy machinery as the leading manufacturer of dry ice processing machines, has supported hundreds of dry ice machines for many countries in recent years. Last week, we shipped one set … Read more

Application of dry ice pellets in sausage making

The liquid CO2 can be processed into solid CO2 which is also named dry ice with different specifications, such as dry ice blocks, dry ice pellets, dry ice powder and so on. And these dry ice products can be widely used in many processing fields like food production, chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, logistics … Read more

Dry ice Pelletizer | pellet Machine

The dry ice pelletizer also can be named dry ice pellet machine, which is a piece of solid CO2 processing equipment to make dry ice pellets, which is an important machine to provide raw materials for the dry ice cleaning industry. The dry ice pellet maker is mainly to compress the liquid carbon dioxide through the pressure of the oil hydraulic press into a very high density of solid dry ice pellets, and then through the machine outlet of the sieving die extrusion.