What should be paid attention to when purchasing a dry ice machine?

With much experience of dry ice machine manufacturing and cooperation with many foreign customers for more than 10 years, Shuliy machinery has become the professional dry ice machine maker and aims to be the leading brand for dry ice making. During the communication with our customers, we learned that many of them always feel confused about how to choose the right dry ice making machine and how to make dry ice, therefore, here we summarized some tips for all the friends who want to do dry ice production.

Dry ice blocks with different thickness
dry ice blocks

1. Make sure what working capacity you want of the dry ice machine

When you get the idea for making dry ice, you should confirm one thing that whether you want to make commercial dry ice production or not. If it is, you may think about the working capacities you hope to reach. If not, you may only need one or two sets of dry ice machines. If your output requirement for dry ice production is big, you should consider the whole sets of dry ice processing machines.

2. What kind of dry ice you want to make?

Most of the users get confused when they buy the dry ice machine because they know not much about the machines. For example, one of our Spanish customer who wants to buy the dry ice blasting machine for cleaning the tire mold, but he doesn’t know the raw materials for this dry ice blasting machine are the dry ice pellets which should be produced by the dry ice pelletizer firstly. Through the detailed introduction of our sales consultant with great patience, he finally bought the dry ice blasting machine and the dry ice pelletizer and the dry ice keeping box.

Img 20190404 142026 1
dry ice pellets

In general, users who want to make dry ice for stage smoke, dry ice cleaning, and the food applications, they usually should choose the dry ice granular machine to make dry ice pellets. As for the users who want to do refrigerated transport and freshness preservation, they always choose the dry ice block machine for making dry ice blocks. As for the large scale production of dry ice blocks, they may choose the dry ice granule briquetting machine or the whole set of dry ice granule briquetting machines. Besides, for keeping dry ice or transporting dry ice, they need the dry ice heat preservation box.

3. To choose the specific model of dry ice machine

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dry ice machine

As for choosing the specific model of the dry ice machine, the customer can check the technical parameters lists according to their requirements of the motor power, yield, machine dimension, dry ice products size and so on. And our sales consultant also can give you detailed information about the dry ice machine you need.