Reasons to preserve food with dry ice blocks better than with ordinary ice blocks

Starting from the primitive society, people know that ice cubes are used to keep food fresh for a long time. Today, thousands of years later, people use dry ice blocks instead of ice blocks because the effect of dry ice preservation is better. Why? That is because the dry ice blocks have a special function in keeping the freshness of the food and will not cause any pollution of the stuff for keeping.

Dry ice block making machine
dry ice block making machine

In recent years, as a new type of preservative, dry ice has become popular in the food industry. For example, the preservation of aviation food, frozen seafood in lobsters, crabs, shark fins and other high-end hotels. In addition, putting some dry ice blocks in the food warehouse or train refrigerator can reduce the storage temperature and prevent the bacteria from multiplying, thus keeping the fish, meat, and fruits fresh.

Dry ice blocks
Dry ice blocks

How to make dry ice blocks?

Shuliy machinery is specialized in making dry ice machines with different types for more than 10 years. Our a series of dry ice machines include dry ice block machine, dry ice pelletizer, dry ice blasting machine, dry ice heat preservation box, and the related accessories. To make the dry ice blocks, we can use the dry ice block machine which can make the dry ice blocks with different specifications and the thickness of the dry ice blocks is adjustable, so that no matter what size of the dry ice block you want, it can meet your requirements.

Dry ice block machine details
Dry Ice Block Machine Details
Dry ice block machine details1
Dry Ice Block Machine Details

How to preserve food with dry ice blocks?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Gaseous carbon dioxide will condense into a colorless liquid under a pressure of more than 6,000 kDa, and then rapidly solidify into dry ice after high pressure. Normal carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas that naturally exists in the air and accounts for approximately 0.03% of the air. Dry ice is extremely volatile, sublimating into a non-toxic, odorless, gaseous carbon dioxide 600 to 800 times larger than the solid volume.

Dry ice using
Dry Ice Using
Dry ice using 2
Dry Ice In Food Making

The weight of dry ice is light, and its weight is about 1/18 of the same volume of ordinary ice. Lightweight is good for transportation. In addition, dry ice will not leave liquid after sublimation, which is cleaner than water and ice, and will not make food moist. At the same time, the density of carbon dioxide produced by the sublimation of dry ice is greater than that of air. Therefore, carbon dioxide gas will be attached to the surface of food, so that food is separated from oxygen, so as to inhibit the growth of bacteria and slow down the metabolism, and ensure the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and seafood products. It is worth mentioning that making food with dry ice can also create a warm and romantic atmosphere that allows diners to have a pleasant feeling like a fairyland. Today, the use of dry ice to make food has been sought after by some high-end hotels.