How to preserve dry ice blocks and dry ice pellets correctly?

Why does the dry ice blocks become smaller or become directly lost after putting a long time? Is the quality of dry ice bad? The answer is no. As a matter of fact, your dry ice storage is not correct. Dry ice is extremely volatile, and if it is not properly stored, the amount of dry ice consumed will be large. As the professional dry ice manufacturer, we Shuliy machinery will give you some useful tips here for well keeping of dry ice products.

Dry ice products
dry ice products

The preservation of dry ice pellets or dry ice blocks is not difficult. The real difficulty is how to reduce the loss rate of dry ice and extend the practical period of dry ice products. This is what many dry ice users and dry ice producers are most concerned about because only the dry ice is well preserved can reduce losses and save costs.

What can be done to make dry ice last longer?

The temperature of dry ice is minus 78 degrees Celsius, so if you want dry ice to last longer, you must first have a low-temperature environment, otherwise, it will be difficult to guarantee the storage time of dry ice. The dry ice preservation effect of ultra-low temperature refrigerator is very good, and the lower the temperature, the better the preservation effect of dry ice, the longer its service life. However, for most dry ice users and dry ice manufacturers, the cost of buying an ultra-low temperature refrigerator is too high and it is not practical. Therefore, it is ideal to use a special dry ice heat preservation box to store and transport dry ice products.

Dry ice blocks
Dry Ice Blocks

Environmental factors have a great impact on the storage of dry ice

The change in temperature in the environment has the greatest impact on the preservation of dry ice blocks and dry ice pellets. In the process of dry ice production, a lot of dry ice is wasted, because there is no dry ice incubator with good insulation effect and the correct operation method. We need to place the dry ice heat preservation box and dry ice in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. After taking dry ice pellets from the dry ice box, the lid should be pressed immediately to prevent temperature loss and excessive dry ice evaporation.

Dry ice heat preservation box 1
dry ice heat preservation box

Pay attention to the dry ice use process

During the use of dry ice, care should also be taken to reduce the loss of dry ice. Dry ice is easy to sublimate, and the smaller the volume of dry ice, the faster it will lose. Therefore, during the use, try not to cut the dry ice blocks several times. In particular, granules or powdery dry ice with a small diameter should be packaged in a package and taken out of the incubator when use.

Dry ice heat preservation box workshop
dry ice heat preservation box workshop

Dry ice can not be stored in a sealed container

Dry ice is extremely volatile, it will sublimate to non-toxic, tasteless, 1000 times more than the area of solid carbon dioxide, so dry ice cannot be stored in a well-sealed box with a small volume, because of the risk of explosion. In order for the gas evaporated from the dry ice to be naturally released, the incubator must be placed in a place with good air circulation.